Biggest question for 2017: do I still want to be a blogger?

In 2016, this blog slowly started to die.  The concept of “daily cup” and “daily doses” doesn’t really seem to fit anymore.  When I first started this blog circa 2013, I read a lot of running bloggers who ran race after race, leaving me feeling inspired, but also like I needed to race frequently to build content.  Last year, I ran 2 whole races, which left me with not so much content.  I don’t really run and I don’t really write.

Long gone are the days when I’d spend Sundays meal prepping an entire week’s worth of food – breakfasts, snacks, and lunches, always with a plan/recipe for dinner. Meal prepping is no longer in my vernacular. It’s more like make 1 recipe a week to spread out 5 days for lunch. And I never plan for dinners anymore because it’s something I just can’t really plan.

In a way, I feel like “blogging” has become so predictable.  It’s hard to be creative and innovative when it feels like you can Google something and find it on someone else’s blog. Blogs are like the new half marathons (everyone’s done one) and half marathons are the new marathons.

So what do I want? I want to share things and experiences that I can’t find online when I do my research (for example, backpacking Cactus to Clouds, La Croix can costumes, and pieced together layer cake recipes).  I want to rebrand this blog (because the title and tagline just don’t make sense anymore). And I want to write more in general (just maybe not about myself on a weekly basis).

So…let’s see what happens in 2017!