’Tis the season for birthdays and cakes! I promised Noelle an out of this world galaxy cake for her “stay wild moon child” themed birthday party. However, I didn’t realize how intensive the cake was that I originally agreed to bake (like fondant with metallic sponge painted on it). So I completely improvised and ended up with quite a creation (recipe to come)!


The following week it was my faux-little sister’s 16th birthday. Her favorite cake is the coconut cake at Solace and the Moonlight Lounge in Encinitas, so I tried to re-create it. I ended up with 4 layers of incredibly dense coconut cake (I think the cake probably weighed around 20lbs in general) that tasted like a coconut macaroon (another cake recipe to come).

The week after was my brother’s birthday, but instead of baking him a cake, we met up for dinner at the new Star Wars movie. Little did I know, this would mark the first of VERY MANY movies for the week. Monday kicked it off with Star Wars, followed by Office Christmas Party on Tuesday, Manchester by the Sea on Saturday, Jackie on Sunday, and Passengers on Monday.



My dad and I spent Christmas in Palm Desert visiting my grandparents and I managed to sneak off for a repeat of last year’s Christmas Day trail run (probably one of my most favorite trails). The day after Christmas, on my way home, I stopped by the Indian Canyons and ended up doing 3 miles on the Palm Canyon Trail. Originally I thought I might just head out half a mile and come back, but I just kept walking about a mile out. I also wanted to avoid the crowds coming back, so I opted for the Victor Trail, a higher route (that ended up being a mile longer than the way out) but it gave me both different views and a different perspective of the hike. This was a nice loop and it spit me out essentially right where I started (even though I wasn’t 100% certain where it might lead me).

Weekly Workout Recap (12/5-12/11):
Mon – Rest
Tues – Sculpt @ BodyROK + Restorative Yoga @ Fortis and & YOGALUX
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Sat – 6 mi
Sun – 6 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 12 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 3
2016 miles: 798 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (12/12-12/18):
Mon – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method + Hot Yoga @ YogaSix + Deep Stretch @ YogaSix
Tues – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Sat – Rest
Sun – 4.2 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 4.2 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 6
2016 miles: 802.2 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (12/19-12/25):
Mon – Rest
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ Yoga Six + Softball
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Bootcamp @ Yoga Six
Fri – Bootcamp @ Yoga Six
Sat – Rest
Sun – 6 mi Garstin Trail run
Total Weekly Mileage: 6 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 5
2016 miles: 802.2 mi