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It’s probably no surprise, but I am no longer a well-conditioned running machine. For me, the hardest part about not running is trying to get back into the groove of things. I constantly have to remind myself it’s ok to take it slow, and to make it easy.  Taking a running hiatus usually leads to some aches and pains because I tend to pressure myself into running xx miles, forgetting I’m not trained like I used to be. Lately, when I try to go out for runs, I’ve been experiencing the same type of pain I felt in my knee last fall when I jumped into running 14+ miles without ramping up. It feels like my knee isn’t moving smoothly in a forward motion, but rather tracking out to the side.

I couldn’t have found the Whole You Dynamover knee compression sleeve at a better time. Normally I would never wear a traditional, bulky knee brace. However, the compression material in the Dynamover sleeve intrigued me because both compression socks and calf sleeves have helped me in the past when I used to suffer from plantar fasciitis.


The Dynamover is seamless and very sleek. It has a 5 zone design, providing different levels of compression to different areas of the knee. Here’s what all of the zones help to achieve:

Zone 1: high stretch for strong compression around the patella to support the knee.
Zone 2: moderate stretch allows flexibility around the thigh and knee.
Zone 3: elastic weave to prevent slip-down during even the most active exercises.
Zone 4: (behind the knee) has a high density weave to stabilize the knee.
Zone 5: delivers exceptional breathability and flexibility thanks to the honeycomb weave.


I’ve worn this sleeve on several runs, including an off-roading adventure into some swampy lagoon trails. It definitely held up to the test and my standards–I almost forgot I was wearing it! The Dynamover sleeve allowed for natural movement and mobility, while helping to correct my knee issue. It was comfortable and breathable, providing just the right amount of compression without being too tight or constricting.

If you’re interested in trying out Dynamover, use promo code ASHEEJOJO for 50% off and free shipping (plus there’s a money-back guarantee). Hurry before it expires 4/12!