Neskowin, OR – This is a cute little town, nestled between bigger cities of Pacific City and Lincoln City. It’s made up of a few blocks of narrow streets and beach cottages. We visited here with a group of friends to celebrate Logan’s birthday.

Where we stayed – cute beach house through a local vacation rental company, Grey Fox Vacation Rentals.



What we did – While the boys went crabbing/surfing, the girls went clamming in Pacific City. Amanda identified a designated clamming area, and we ventured down with an empty 5 gallon ice cream tub, oatmeal (to help the clams open up and spit out water/sand) and gardening tools. I ended up getting so into it, I ditched the tools and just went hands first, digging and feeling around for any hard objects.


Where we hiked – After capturing all the big mac daddy’s of clams, we continued our lady’s day with a hike. Originally, we were trying to hike to Hart’s Cove (captured, but from a different perspective) but missed it because we didn’t drive far enough up the road before we stopped to park. We were quick to park at the first sight of a trailhead, since the road up was windy and bouncy – and the Subi was carrying precious cargo – a sloshing bucket filled with oatmeal spitting clams.



We ended up hiking the Cascade Head Nature Conservancy Trail, all the while looking for signs to Hart’s Cove. We got to the point where we calculated a 10 mile hike round-trip, and decided to ditch the cove and just head back. We also must’ve done the opposite direction of most people (parked at the top vs. bottom) because we got a lot of people congratulating us and thinking we had done the trail multiple times (up-down-up) in one go.


IMG_9293 2

IMG_9296 2


The next day we also hiked God’s Thumb in Lincoln City. It was an easy hike until we reached God’s Thumb. Not being the biggest fan of heights, it was pretty steep but I just made sure to keep my steps in the natural steps and not lean back 😉 From the top we could look directly across to the Cascade Head Conservancy Trail.


Where we ate – Post-crabbing and clamming, we had the most decadent feast. We also had dinner one night at the Cafe at Hawk Creek that we affectionately started calling “the littlest cute” because it, like the town, was so cute!