I’ve been doing a “Lookin’ Back At It” post since 2014, but this past year was the first time I didn’t set any forward thinking goals.

2017 was a pretty big year for shaking it up.

  • Sold almost everything I owned.
  • Moved out of state.
  • Started a new job.
  • Invested in new hobbies (mountain biking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing).
  • Developed and diagnosed food sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and hemp.
  • Got a puppy!

What do I want to accomplish in 2018?

  • Go to at least 3-4 Orangetheory Fitness classes weekdays.
  • Get back into 50k’s. There’s an overabundance of race options in Oregon. Way different than the SoCal situation, where all 50k’s were held in the same canyon in Malibu.
  • Relax more. Take more baths, listen to podcasts, read.
  • Continue to learn and improve professionally.
  • Be more productive in the morning and start a new ritual/routine.

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