This has been the season of concerts!




In the beginning of October, London and I enjoyed a trip I originally planned for someone else.  At first it made me nervous that I’d feel a longing-ness for something that was no more, but quite the opposite actually happened.  It re-confirmed my present state of single-ness.  The ability to journey and adventure freely, without any worry for another human being.  On a Friday, after work, we headed out to Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown to see TOPS and the Allah-Las, and meet up with a couple of friends who already planned to be out there.  We spent the night camping in the back next to the horse corrals (this is a real thing). Then the next morning we headed to Joshua Tree. We grabbed some brunch from The Natural Sisters Cafe and then entered the National Park.  It was hot and already mid-day, so we opted to explore around points of interest such as Skull Rock, and the Barker Dam (which was all dried up).



The following week I went to the Colbie Caillat acoustic tour concert with my mom as this year’s birthday gift.  My former co-worker grew up with her so we also enjoyed a special meet-and-greet before the show.


And if that wasn’t enough, the next night I went down to the House of Blues with a couple girls to see Dan Humphrey’s band, MOTHXR (and basically indulge in my recent Gossip Girl obsession).


In other news, the weather is warm as ever, making beach days still a possibility.  I haven’t been reading as much lately, but I have Find Her and All Is Not Forgotten in the queue.  I’ve also been hitting bootcamp at YogaSix, Pilates at Core40 and barre at The Bar Method pretty consistently.  Trying to cook more, so expect some easy and healthy recipe posts to come!

Weekly Workout Recap (10/3-10/9):
Mon – 4 mi + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Tues – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 4 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 4
2016 miles: 714.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (10/10-10/16):
Mon – 4 mi
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – 4.5 mi
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 8.5 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 3
2016 miles: 723 mi


Agh! I literally feel like I don’t know how to blog anymore. It’s the last thing that crosses my mind. My days usually go a little something like this — morning workout, work, evening workout, read, watch gossip girl, repeat. It’s crazy that sometimes I go 2 weeks without running and it doesn’t even cross my mind. Before I’d get AT LEAST 10 miles, with a goal of 20, but these days it’s more like 0-4 miles weekly. I’ve still been enjoying the variety of ClassPass and feel stronger and more fit than when I was just running. Plus after running with Elisa in Oregon, I realize I do miss the company that make the miles fly by. For now I’ve been enjoying group workouts with the girls that include barre, Pilates and CARDIO HIP HOP!!!




So, mid-September I randomly scheduled a hair appointment and after feeling bored with my usual long layers, I decided to chop off 5 inches. My hair grows pretty fast so I don’t feel too attached to it, I just have to limit myself from doing anything too extreme (like a complete bob circa 2013). During the same weekend, our blogger babe Kelli got married, throwing the most picture perfect wedding, which also included lawn games, vintage VW photo bus, flower crowns, and late night foods (ice cream cookie sandwiches, sliders and french fries with vats of ketchup and ranch dressing!!). That weekend I also went to KAABOO mainly to see Jack Johnson.


The following weekend I flew to Bend for a completely surprise visit…Elisa had no idea. It was insanely beautiful, with perfect weather and so many hikes and outdoorsy activities (plus BEER) nearby. Planning to do a full Oregon post soon…

The night I got back, London and I went to the Oh Wonder concert.


Then the following weekend, I decided to run 14 miles with my friend, Matt, when I had not run more than 8 miles in a really long time. This is when I thought I wanted to run another 50k in November…and I still might want to but we’ll see how much I actually end up training…then I probably should’ve taken a nap because I am no longer my youthful self that can just go go go and rage the entire day. And also because that night I went to see Jim Jefferies with London and Kendall (supes funny watch his stand-up on Netflix).

Life is busy and writing about it is even more challenging!!! And SoCal Runner Girl doesn’t respond to my texts when I ask “ugh how do u blog” 😛

Weekly Workout Recap (9/12-9/18):
Mon – 4 mi + Hot Yoga @ Yoga Tropics
Tues – Rest
Wed – Cardio Hip Hop @ The Movement Lab
Thurs – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 4 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 5
2016 miles: 678.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/18-9/25):
Mon – Mixel Level @ The Bar Method + Cardio Hip Hop @ The Movement Lab
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 8 mi trail run + 3 mile hike (Paulina)
Sun – 6 mi hike (Broken Top Mountain)
Total Weekly Mileage: 8 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 6
2016 miles: 686.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/26-10/2):
Mon – 6 mi trail run (Tumalo Falls) + 4 mi hike (Sahalie and Koosah Falls)
Tues – Rest
Wed – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Thurs – 4 mi run
Fri – Rest
Sat – 14 mi
Sun – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Total Weekly Mileage: 24 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 3
2016 miles: 710.5 mi



If you’re looking for a unique experience in San Diego…then I think I’ve got it.

Last Tuesday night, London and I went to dinner and a (Oh Wonder) show at West Coast Tavern/The Observatory North Park. West Coast Tavern is the restaurant connected to The Observatory. And while I’ve been to The Observatory venue several times for shows (e.g. Jungle and Tame Impala) I never knew that the VIP/Balcony area existed.

When London and I first arrived to the show, we were seriously worried that we weren’t supposed to like Oh Wonder. Everyone was literally 18, or younger with a guardian. However, I guess they were just trendy teens, something we’ve always aspired to be 😛


Everything was running a little late (mainly stemming from the doors opening ~20 minutes behind). Fortunately, we our dinner was located in the balcony area overlooking the stage. So we were able to sit, relax, eat and enjoy a literally elevated experience!




We started off with the charcuterie & cheese board (because we can never seem to pass one of these up when we’re together). And the seared hamachi tostadas (which were perfectly mini little bites filled with a lot of flavor).

For cocktails, if you know us and rose…we had to try the “Ladies Choice” made with minuty rose, pamplemousse, leon, simple syrup.


Next we had the quinoa & feta salad, and I was loving the black olives, marcona almonds and lemon oregano vinaigrette in this (London also said this seemed like a salad I’d make for lunch).


Lastly, we shared the prosciutto flatbread, that had a sundried tomato pesto base underneath a layer of gooey cheese. Between the food, drinks and live music, we were fully satisfied and entertained in all aspects.


If you’re planning on seeing a show at The Observatory North Park (and they’ve got a lot of good ones coming up), I highly recommend reserving a table in the balcony section. We had completely unobstructed views. You could hear everyone on the ground level singing to the band (in a good way). And we also got to enjoy a variety of food and drinks delivered straight to our table. And, if Oh Wonder is ever playing near you, go see them! They were amazing live! I would say, even better than on Spotify. And contrary to what I said above, they’re not just for teens! 😉




September started off great. I turned 26 and celebrated with another camping trip in Mexico. I went to the Prepkitchen 5 year anniversary party which led to indulging in an abundance of great food. The following night we hosted our first (and very successful) evening Taste of Del Mar (for work).

Then came the negative that has actually become more of a positive. I’m not one to talk about relationships on here. It’s usually vague, moving from a no-name, to a “boyfriend” to eventually maybe a name. And then when it’s over, there’s usually an amorphous and somber post about moving on. But no need for that this time.


This might be in conjunction with purchasing crystals (and burning Palo Santo smells so good), adding horoscope dates to my calendar (“new moon favored financially”), and reading articles that feel so aligned with my life right now. But I feel very at ease and content, yet spontaneous in a healthy way — saying yes to more opportunities and putting myself first (like driving to Venice on a whim and booking a surprise flight to Oregon).

Definitely trying to get back into blogging, and along with that, definitely getting the itch to start running more again (although cardio hip hop has been SO FUN).

The rest of September coming…stay tuned :)

Weekly Workout Recap (8/29-9/4):
Mon – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Tues – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Hot Yoga @ Yoga Tropics
Thurs – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 0
Number of cross-training workouts: 4
2016 miles: 667.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/5-9/11):
Mon – Rest
Tues – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 7 mi
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 7 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 1
2016 miles: 674.5 mi



Amazon Books is NOW OPEN at Westfield UTC. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. At first I thought, kind of weird…Amazon opening up a physical store when most brick-and-mortar bookstores are almost non-existent. However, this might be my favorite new store, and a reason I might have to visit Westfield UTC at least once a week (I’ll tell you why…).

Amazon Prime members receive pricing in the store. That means no more visiting Barnes & Noble only to look on for cheaper prices, place an order and wait 2 days (I’m seriously guilty of doing this with the last book I read). Amazon Books = Instant gratification!


All of the books in the store all have 4 stars or above. The selection of books come from customer ratings, sales, popularity on Goodreads and Amazon curators’ assessments. They also have books based on suggestions just like the website (“Love this? You’ll like this!”) and staff picks.

And, every Tuesday they receive a shipment of new releases.


I found the store to be so well executed. You can check pricing with the scanners located around the store, and you can even pay with the app eliminating the need to pull out your credit card.

In the past couple of months I’ve become the ultimate book worm. I am seriously addicted to reading psychological thrillers. Even though I’m the biggest baby when it comes to scary movies, for some reason I love the suspense and thrill of how fast-paced these books move.


Just purchased (from the Amazon Books Store):

Find Her


Just finished last week:
I’m Thinking Of Ending Things — This book is more of a psychological horror. It’s so creepy because it reminds me of a scary movie that could actually very well be real. And it gives me so much anxiety because it’s written in staccato sentences. It was the type of book you just want to know what happens because you know something bad is going to happen, but you can’t read fast enough. I couldn’t quite figure out the ending so I started reading reviews and you either love this book and might even try re-reading it to understand it better, or absolutely hate it. I’m of the first sentiment and plan to give the book another go now knowing the outcome.

In A Dark, Dark Wood — I found this book to be a little predictable, but still enjoyed the predictability because my assumptions were correct. It was still captivating and a quick read (finished in one day/during my flights). Also, soon to be a movie.



Past reads and recommendations (order suggesting hierarchy of read):

  • Pretty Girls
  • All the Missing Girls
  • The Good Girl
  • The Woman in Cabin 10
  • The Girls

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?



San Diego Restaurant Week is back from September 25th through October 2nd!

This past Tuesday London and I ventured down to Prepkitchen La Jolla.  Now…Prepkitchen is a restaurant that I’m very familiar with. I remember when the La Jolla location first opened. Being a freshman in college, it was one of the first “farm-to-table” restaurants I tried in San Diego. And currently, working in Del Mar, I visit the Del Mar location a ton for lunch (and they also participate in all of our events). However, I don’t always get a chance to dine for dinner and that’s what I was the most excited for.

San Diego Restaurant Week is the perfect time to try a new restaurant, or visit a long-time favorite. It’s the perfect way to sample a variety of different menu options — whether new or old to you. Prepkitchen does SDRW right. Offering their whole menu, it’s the perfect way to try everything you’ve always wanted.

So…back to our meal. First off, the night was absolutely perfect. London kept exclaiming how she loved the weather— it was dark, wet and rainy, but the air was still warm. We arrived at PKLJ and were seated in the enclosed patio area. Immediately it felt like we had been transported back to Paris. The two of us, drinking a warming red wine, enjoying a romantic dinner — basically the definition of our study abroad time. Total European vibes, very cozy and casual.

We decided to make our San Diego Restaurant Week family-style, sharing everything and doubling the amount of items we got to try.


We started off with the Bacon Wrapped Dates— blue cheese & arugula. Like everyone always says, you can never go wrong with bacon. Especially when it’s wrapped around a warm date stuffed with soft and tangy blue cheese.


We also ordered the Heirloom Tomato & Burrata — heirloom & cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic reduction & fleur du sel. Following the seasonally minded theme of the restaurant, the tomatoes were actually picked from their own farm.


For our entrees we selected the Scottish Salmon — corn succotash, arugula & basil butter that was absolutely cooked to perfect, and the Porter Braised Short Ribs — potato puree, carrots, pearl onions, criminis & horseradish gremolata. The short ribs were so robust, yet delicate in the way the meat fell off the bone. It was the perfect comfort meal for the rainy sort of night.


For dessert, we ordered 2 of my favorite types of dessert — hot with cold.

The Warm Chocolate Budino was like a warm soft chocolate cake topped with gelato, whipped cream and crunchy little nibs.  And the Mixed Berry Bread Pudding was moist and decadent, brightened up by the slight acidity of the fruit, and topped with salted caramel and vanilla gelato…yum!

For only $35 per person for dinner, San Diego Restaurant Week at Prepkitchen is basically a steal– a lot (of really really good) food.

One of my favorite things about Prepkitchen (in addition to serving amazing food) is the service and hospitality. You are always treated like good friends and family, and if you’re a regular, even more so!

Whether new or old, this San Diego Restaurant Week I highly recommend visiting any 3 of the Prepkitchen locations (La Jolla, Del Mar and Little Italy)!

Prepkitchen La Jolla
7556 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037


Thank you to Prepkitchen for hosting me! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Summer is definitely winding down, especially since the last 2 days, although still warm, were filled with “tropical” rain. Luckily, San Diego doesn’t cool down too much with the change of seasons, which always makes it acceptable to snack on a cold sweet treat.  And when that treat is also healthy, it makes you feel like you don’t have to give up your healthy lifestyle, and you can live life brighter.  I always crave what we call “paletas,” like these Outshine Fruit Bars. And unlike the ones London, Kendall and I sometimes find ourselves riding bikes to pick-up from the local liquor store, I much prefer these Outshine Fruit Bars because I know exactly what they’re made from — real fruit and fresh ingredients. No artificial colors, dyes, or flavors, thank you! These are best enjoyed with the perfect sunset :)


When I came across the Outshine Fruit Bars, I also realized that they make Simply Yogurt Bars too, which can be eaten like a fro-yo dessert, or if you’re like me and like to get a little weird…breakfast! Back in college I used to have this yogurt concoction that I would literally eat for any meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). I would freeze my yogurts, and then either chisel them out, or wait until they thawed to the perfect consistency. Then I would top them with fresh (or frozen) fruit and some granola. Please note that any meal also meant when I was in a silent library, chiseling away at my frozen yogurt that I just had to eat.  However, I found it to be the perfect excuse to eat a healthy “dessert” anytime of the day. The Outshine Yogurt Bars make it a little easier because it’s already frozen yogurt with the perfect texture. No more loudly scraping on a frozen solid mass of block.  Just another way to live life brighter 😉 If you want to try it out, I added a little bit of soft-baked granola, semi-recreating my weirdo college treat!  Make sure to look up @OutshineSnacks on Instagram for more recipes and ideas on how to dress up/eat the bars.

Next time you’re at the store (– and not the liquor store…see where Outshine bars are available here), check out Outshine for healthy, sweet, and reliably delicious bars.


This summer has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it’s already over.  I’m ready for fall weather, but not so much the shorter days.

August was filled with:





  • Camping trips — back to our secret spot we named “Olmec Lake” and a short trip down to Baja, Mexico



  • Reading — I finished both The Good Girl (it will throw you for a big twist) and Pretty Girls (one of the creepiest but captivating books I’ve read this summer!)


  • New workouts — including boxing with Deb!




  • Uncasked — a craft brew tasting event I went to with London at Westfield UTC 




  • Surprise Rosé Party — an intimate dinner that Jen and Tyler threw for my birthday that literally brought me to tears

Weekly Workout Recap (8/1-8/7):
Mon – CP Reformer Tone – Legs & Glutes @ Club Pilates + 5 mi
Tues -Mixed Level @ The Bar Method + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – 6.5 mi w/SoCal Runner Gal
Thurs – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest/hike
Sun – 2.5 mi run
Total Weekly Mileage: 14 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 5
2016 miles: 623 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (8/8-8/14):
Mon – 8 mi
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – CP Reformer Plus 2 @ Club Pilates + Mixed Level @ The Bar Method
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Sun – 8 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 16 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 4
2016 miles: 639 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (8/15-8/21):
Mon – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method + 6.5 mi
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Boxing
Wed – Rest
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – WundaBar Pilates
Sun – 8 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 14.5 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 4
2016 miles: 653.5 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (8/22-8/28):
Mon – Full Body @ Core40
Tues – 8 mi
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 6 mi
Fri – Bootcamp @YogaSix
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 14 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 2
2016 miles: 667.5 mi



For London’s birthday party she asked me to bake her a cake.  After making this gluten-free coconut blue ombre layer cake, I feel pretty well-equipped for cake baking so I was all in.

Inspiration for the aesthetics originally came from this succulent cake post.  Then another request for “Drake on Cake,” so I decided to combine the two.  I was left to come up with the flavor myself, so after diving through the Internet, I decided to take a spin on a champagne cake — sparkling rosé cake with sparkling rosé buttercream.  And what better Drake quote than “24 Hour Champagne Diet” to adorn this cake?

The layers didn’t come out perfectly level, and at first glance it wasn’t my fondest cake, but with the final touches of the succulents and the actual taste of the cake, I was definitely satisfied (and so was everyone else! :)).


Sparkling Rosé Cake
2 packages white cake mix (I used Pillsbury)
2 cups sparkling rosé (I used Korbel)
1 cup vegetable oil
6 eggs

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease and lightly flour four 8×1-1/2-inch round cake pans; set aside.
  2. Prepare cake mix according to package directions, except replace the water with an equal amount of champagne. Pour batter into prepared pans, spreading evenly.
  3. Bake according to package directions. Cool in pans on wire racks for 10 minutes. Remove from pans; cool completely on racks.


Sparkling Rosé Buttercream
Adapted from Broma Bakery
1 1/2 cups champagne (eventually 4 tablespoons reduced)
3/4 cups salted butter, room temperature
3 1/2 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
4 cups powdered sugar
1 cup raspberry jam

  1. Simmer 1½ cups of champagne in a small saucepan over low heat until it reduces.  Stir the pan every few minutes to prevent burning. You want to end up with around 4 tablespoons of rosé.
  2. To make the frosting, whip butter, cream cheese, and vanilla extract until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Add in 4 tablespoons reduced rosé and powdered sugar, whipping for another 2 minutes.
  3. To to assemble the cake, place first layer of cake on cake stand, then spread a layer of the frosting, keeping it the thickest on the edges.
  4. Add 1/3 cup of raspberry jam in the center and spread in a circular fashion outwards.
  5. Repeat with second and third layer.
  6. For fourth layer, frost top of cake normally, then frost outside with remaining frosting. Use a cake spatula to scrape frosting from sides to create a sort of “naked” look.


Happy Bday London!



Sooo…since I’ve been MIA…here’s what’s up:

Lately I’ve been getting my house “dialed in” for ultimate relaxation, seeing lots of concerts, drinking free wine, reading, and watching tv (lol)…


The past couple of Friday nights have been spent at the track where Kevin and I saw Cold War Kids and then Fitz and the Tantrums.  On the last Saturday in July, London and I drove to Costa Mesa to see Earth, Wind and Fire at the OC Fair. We both LOVE EWF and were super excited to sing and groove to them live.


I joined the Carruth wine club so that’s where the “free” wine has been coming from. I’ve been going as London’s plus one for a while now, but after a run Kate and I sat down for a glass of wine and I was easily talked into joining the club. If you live anywhere near the winery/area, it’s an awesome deal! ($35 per month for a bottle each month, one glass for you and one glass for a guest each visit, and 20% off any purchases) #notsponned


Recently I’ve gotten back into reading. It’s been a while (probably since Mexico) that I’ve felt captured by a book. However, in the last 2 weeks I’ve found and read 2 great books — The Girls and All The Missing Girls. Both are great quick and engaging books (great “beach reads”). I’ve been taking my books to dinner, appointments, breakfast, and the beach. I’d highly recommend All The Missing Girls (finished in 3 days). If you like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train you’ll love this book. I like it even more because of the non-conventional way the story unfolds. You really feel like a detective. Any recommendations for my next book? (just put in an order for The Good Girl by Mary Kubica).

And I know several people have laughed at me for lumping “watching tv” in with being productive. But I honestly only watch a little before bed so for me it relates to decompressing and relaxing. After watching all episodes of Young & Hungry on Netflix (what became my guilty pleasure) I was kind of in a lull with shows. I started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it literally makes me LOL. Kevin and I also finished Stranger Things in the span of a weekend. TV Series are soooo good! I realized this because Stranger Things felt like a movie, but the 8 episodes/5+ hours of the show really allowed for you to create an affinity for the characters and for them to fully develop.  Hoping there will be a season 2…


So that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been running (barely, like 1-2x per week) and still doing a ton of workout classes because right now I crave the challenge and diversity that the various workouts (pilates, barre, yoga, etc.) provide.

Weekly Workout Recap (7/18-7/24):
Mon – Rest
Tues – 5 mi + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Thurs – Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Barre @ Studio Barre
Sat – 7.5 mi
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 12.5 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 4
2016 miles: 603 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (7/25-7/31):
Mon – Mixed Level @ The Bar Method + 6 mi w/SoCal Runner Gal
Tues – Full Body @ Core40 + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Wed – Rock ’n Roll Vinyasa @ YogaSix
Thurs – CP Reformer Plus 1.5 @ Club Pilates + Bootcamp @ YogaSix
Fri – Barre @ Studio Barre
Sat – Rest
Sun – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 6 mi
Number of cross-training workouts: 7
2016 miles: 609 mi



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