I’ve spent a good amount of time this summer complaining about the heat, while simultaneously soaking up sun and submerging myself in water at the beach. And while summer technically “ends” this upcoming weekend, San Diego doesn’t experience seasons, so as a result this activity will continue well into September/October…

However, due to all this sun exposure and water play, my tan has developed but I’ve noticed dry patches of eczema creep up that have created white splotchy sections on my arms. And while I appreciate the tan…sometimes I feel like a spotty banana!! I’ve started using a new product that I wanted to share because I feel like you wouldn’t normally pick up and decide to use for your whole body — SkinFix Hand Repair Cream. But strangely enough, it works. I’ve started to apply it on my arms after every shower, and even within the first few days I started to notice a difference.

My favorite part though is that it’s a natural formula (free of steroids, fragrance, and soy) that uses healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils to rebuild the skin barrier.  It’s a good investment and addition to the medicine cabinet because I know come fall/winter (when the seasons sort-of change) I’ll be using it for it’s actual “hand repair” use to deal with dry and cracked hands.


Bikini Top  // Bottoms // Skinfix

Tell me: do you have any natural products or regimens to deal with dry skin and/or eczema?


afterlight-20 Hello.  Have you heard my cries/tweets for help? For the past 2 weeks I have been a victim of juvenile acne, searching for a cure.  It is true. My skin is so embarrassing, I’m so thankful “pizza face” is not a thing anymore, or that I’m an adult so it’s inappropriate for anyone to call me that.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.03.02 PM

Anyways, I desperately bought everything (meaning 2 products) at Brazilia that the girl who shaped my unruly muppet eyebrows suggested for my poor skin.

So with all this new product, I thought I’d show off what’s in my makeup bag.  Now that I look at it, this looks like a lot of stuff.  But mostly I’ll get into something, think it’s a great idea, stick with it for a while, and then just get tired of how cumbersome it becomes (or just seems to me).  I’d much rather be running and/or cooking!  Honestly, if I could (and if my skin would clear up and allow), I’d go makeup free every day. This portion of my “getting ready” takes so long because I dread/dillydally putting on makeup. I get so easily distracted.

Anyways, I do not claim to know anything about makeup or beauty. I’m more of the drug-store kinda girl, who actually just recently graduated (as in, last weekend when I splurged on some “department store makeup” essentials).  I finally have a full set of “big girl makeup” because last Christmas I also decided I wanted to stop looking 16 years old, and that makeup was the solution.  So I dropped some $$$ at Sephora for a few staples that I had been missing – e.g. eyeshadow palette, decent blush, bronzer, etc.

Here’s what I use, morning – day – night. I basically look the same all the time. Except for when I have zit cream smeared over the entire surface of my forehead 😛 Then, as my bf likes to say, I look like an “Indian going to war.”


  1. Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream- said to replenish good bacteria back into your skin. Thing one from Brazilia.
  2. CND Solar Oil – for my horrendous hang-nails.
  3. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup – my first powder compact that actually matches my skin…what a concept!
  4. Covergirl LashExact Mascara – cuz I’m a basic betch.
  5. NARS Blush in Orgasm – it’s so pretty.
  6. Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream – I was using this before I got the bacteria cream.
  7. Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup – again, first lotion to match my skin.
  8. Sephora Brushes – “PRO Angled blush” and “must-have powder shadow.”
  9. Slanted Tweezers – my favorite for a good grip.
  10. Two-Faced Natural Eye Palette – the only eyeshadow you will ever need.
  11. Sephora Baked Sculpting Trio – for bronzing and highlighting, when I feel like it.
  12. Tom’s Honeysuckle Deodorant – the scent is pleasant and doesn’t remind me of BO the moment I put it on (like baby powder).
  13. Tweezerman Rose Gold Eyelash Curler – so I could feel fancy.
  14. CVS brand eye makeup remover -cheap.
  15. Revlon ColorStay liquid liner – an easy-to-use eyeliner.
  16. Dermalogica mediBac clearing skin wash – I actually got this stuff at FitBlog LA last year, but then unknowingly bought the same stuff at Brazilia.

 What’s in your makeup bag?  One thing you can’t live without?


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