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2. National “Take A Hike Day”
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Here we go…

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I don’t always go hiking.  But when I do, I prefer to go barefoot in wool socks 😛  LÄRABARs have been a favorite, clean snack, packing a lot of flavor, in a 9-ingredient (all of which are WHOLE foods) or less bar!  These are my favorite to grab on-the-go, before a run, or on a hike!  Any of the flavors with chocolate chips (such as chocolate chip cookie dough, coconut chocolate chip, etc.) are my favorite.

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One of my favorite places to run/hike/explore in San Diego is Torrey Pines.  The views are literally breathtaking (hey, that climb is pretty tough).  So you’ll know where I’ll be for National “Take a Hike Day” on November 17th — outdoors and up Torrey Pines, with a LÄRABAR in hand.  Make sure to take a hike on this special day, and share your experience by using the hashtags #eatclean and #getoutside!




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A new addition to the LÄRABAR line is RENOLA, a gluten-free, grain-free “granola” option.  It tastes great all by itself, wrapped in individual packages easy for running out the door.  And it’s also good added to yogurt parfaits.


Now’s your chance to enter to win 16 LÄRABARs and RENOLA GIVEAWAY!
(Must be US resident and 18+)
Giveaway ends midnight, November 3rd.

To enter, check out the website and comment below: which flavor of LÄRABAR are you the most excited to try and why?

Also, you can use this coupon to get $0.50 off any LÄRABAR!


Thank you to LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to get outside.

Last night me and a couple friends went to the fair.  Let me just say that the fair has gotten ridiculous — from Krispy Kreme sloppy joes, fried beer battered bacon wrapped corn dogs, fried kool-aid, etc., etc.

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We did a sample of fried frog legs (wet and fishy tasting), fried avocado (think savory donut stuffed with avo) and mexican-style funnel cake (long, swirled up pile of churro).

We came, we ate, we conquered.  This became the premise of our visit as we did not participate in any carnie games nor did we participate in any of the pop-up shop rides.  I get sick to my stomach on any of those rides because 1. they’re all spinny, and 2. I fear for my life.

I followed this gluttonous night by waking up at 6am for a (roughly) 8 mile hike.

I’ve been wanting to do the iconic “Potato Chip Rock” for awhile now, and finally did so today.  It’s about 3.75 miles each way, plus or minus some detours.  My friend and I made it up in less than 2 hours, and back down in a little over 1.


The Potato Chip Rock is at the top of the Mt. Woodson trail in Poway (east of SD).  It was pretty scary getting up to the actual rock.  There’s a separation between two boulders that you have to either jump or start from the bottom and shimmy your way up.  I just imagined imminent death jumping from the rock to the potato chip (slipping, falling back, cracking my skull open and tinkering between the two boulders like a pinball).


After I grew some balls and eventually made it up, I was still too hesitant to get too close to the edge.  I kept my distance, but was still able to capture the glorified potato chip picture.


Afterwards I deemed it the second most adventurous thing I’ve ever done (first being skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland).  Overall, the hike wasn’t too strenuous and it ended right before we started questioning how much longer to the top.  It’s definitely a hot trail, so leaving early morning is highly recommended.




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