A couple weeks ago, Daily Cup of Asheejojo turned one!  So better late than never to celebrate?


In the past I had a few amateur baking blogs and a travel blog, but nothing that was consistent or that I could ultimately sustain day after day. I finally found something that I was passionate about and could write each and (almost) everyday… I’m still surprised that the juice hasn’t run out!

A lot has happened in the past year:


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Now for the giveaway. I want to thank all of you who have followed me from the beginning, found me along the way, or have just recently stumbled upon my blog!  As a treat, I have put together a few of my favorite things!

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Lululemon $25 Gift Card – because who doesn’t love a little Lulu?
Rad Lion “Run” Necklace – for Christmas my bff London (like the city) made me a “Virgo” hand-stamped necklace.  It is honestly my favorite piece of jewelry and the easiest to throw on everyday.  It’s a simple statement and it goes with everything!  This “run” necklace is an LLTC x DCA collab.  Check out her etsy shop and instagram for more Rad Lion pieces!
NuttZo Original Crunchy – my favorite nut butter I’ll put on everything…and don’t underestimate me when I say everything.
Pannikin Coffee Beans  – one of my favorite coffee shops I’ve mentioned a bazillion times on here.  These are the espresso beans they use in their signature drinks.
Quest Bars Cookies ’n Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – THE BEST FLAVORS.  And of course they’re both cookies!
ProBar Chews Raspberry & Strawberry – I love these during long runs because they’re pretty natural (or as close as you’ll get) and taste delicious!
Nuun Tri-Berry & Tropical – my favorite Nuun flavors.
dca1Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and I have supplied the items for giveaway, except for the Rad Lion necklace, kindly donated by my dear friend London.

Graham, me and Justin (who just volunteered) pre-race

Wow, Sunday should have been a national holiday or something…Groundhog Day, Super Bowl and the Cardiff Kook Run!

The Cardiff Kook Run was a very low-key race (in a good way).   Originally I just wanted to do the 5K, but when I saw the course it was so familiar I thought it would be dumb not do the 10K.

The morning of the race I arrived and picked up my bib at 7:30am.  I met up with some other SSRC-ers, warmed up, and by 8:30am we were off for the race.  It was chilly at first and I had a hard time deciding what to wear (long-sleeved layer over my short sleeve SSRC shirt, or just the short-sleeved shirt).  I ended up just braving it in the t-shirt, but thankfully by mile 1 it was already warming up and the sun was starting to break through.

afterlight-5Some Seaside Striders

I didn’t know how my legs would be feeling since my past week of running has been pretty rough.  I ended up feeling better than I thought, so I adapted the mantra (my first time having one) “make it hurt.”  I feel like lately I look back at races and don’t feel like I gave it my all (even though when I’m running it feels like everything I have).  I always seem to reason with myself mid-run; e.g. my legs are tired so I should slow it down or I should keep it conservative so I don’t blow my legs out.  I just really wanted to see how much I could push it today.

The course was out-and-back and pretty much flat, so I knew I just had to make it to mile 3 and I would be (mentally) home free.  At the turn around point I gained a little extra pep in my step(maybe it was the pre-race iced coffee I decided to try out) and felt like I had finally warmed up.  I felt good.  Between mile 4 and 5 there was a slight hill.  I learned my lesson from the Carlsbad Half Marathon to slow down the pace and just get over it in order to still have my legs.

At this point there was this young/little girl that would not let me pass her.  Every time I got close she would speed up.  Finally, around mile 4.75, I passed her (haha, the little victories).  I could hear her heavily breathing, trying to regain her position, but basically on the verge of dying.

With 1 mile left to go I could see the Encinitas sign (also the start/finish line) so I started to pick up the pace. The last stretch seemed to take forever (or just a lot longer than I anticipated).  I was determined to make this my fastest mile ever.  And it was.  If I’ve learned anything, it’s to tell myself that I can do anything for 1 mile.

photo-4Medal and shirt (I love long-sleeved race tees)

Is it weird that I got the same exact time as the Surfing Madonna 10k (?) except I’ll count this as a real PR since the Surfing Madonna course was a little short.  I ended up with 45:33 as my final time (7:21 pace), 4th in my age group, 34th female and 124 out of 2500 total.  Overall, this race was local, easy-going and a lot of fun.  It was stress-free for me because it wasn’t a goal race.  I just showed up, ran, and enjoyed whatever my outcome might be.  I definitely plan on running it again next year.

Splits according to my Garmin:

1 – 7:33
2 – 7:31
3 – 7:30
4 – 7:27
5 – 7:46
6 – 6:36
Last .2 – 1:06

afterlight-6I made sure Graham didn’t stand too far away this time

afterlight-4Post-race staples/deliciousness at Honey’s

 Some things from the past week in the life of Ashleigh:


afterlight-2 Swimming – I  asked my friend from high school to help me start swimming again. She gave me a workout to see what my current level is…but SWIMMING IS SO HARD! I would rather run a half marathon than swim 8 100’s. I couldn’t even do flip turns for some of them because I was afraid of being underwater for too long and drowning! Haha.  I was so tired.  I still did the workout though because I felt bad if I asked for help and didn’t follow through.  Even though I was barely able to walk this day, swimming felt great.


Half Marathons – Signed up for Disneyland Half Marathon for my birthday weekend. Last year was drinking and Vegas, this year is running and Disney.


Quest Bars – Pre-ordered the Cookies ‘n cream flavor but then discovered them at GNC!  Also, don’t forget to check out my Quest Bar/Arctic Zero recipes and enter the giveaway!


1546001_10201941307109253_603930718_nYummy breakfast – Sprouted toast smothered with Trader Joe’s greek yogurt guacamole and an all egg white omelet with kale.


1503458_10201949041382605_334754350_n Kale Flowers– I don’t know?

afterlight-7Valentine’s Day – Some cute (and true) cards I found at Paper Source.


photo-1Shopping Spree – chyeah right :-P.  Only affordable at 70% off, hah.  Replenished my wardrobe with a majority of black and white.

photo Long Workouts – After work I ran 6 miles then went to Whole Foods for a Suja juice.  I didn’t realize until I got to my training session that I had my blinking Nathan light on the whole time!



afterlight-3 Harbor Walks – with unphotogenic Piper.


afterlight-1 Cioppino – Buon Appetito has the BEST cioppino.  They use salmon instead of white fish, so instead of tasting, well, fishy, the salmon tastes buttery and flakes apart oh so nicely in the soup.

afterlight Cannolis – taste like custard filled donuts!

Whatchu got going on this February?

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – 2000m swim
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – 6 mi
Wed – 7 mi + Work B*tch Ab Challenge! done to Drunk in Love song (5:30) + hip twist to butt lift ab exercise (2:00)
Thurs – 6 mi + PT (upper body)
Fri – Rest
Sat – 8 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 33 miles
2014 Miles YTD: 131.85 miles

Carlsbad was a good but sometimes miserable race.

I picked up my pacer, Graham, and we arrived by 6:15am. It’s an easy race because it starts and finishes in one location: a mall. So there’s also ample parking. We peed, and met the rest of our group at 7am. Then of course I had to pee again. And once I got back from peeing, I had to pee yet again. So we warmed up and ran to the porta-potties on course (genius! Because there were no lines and they had barely been used). If I’m known for anything, it should be for my constant need to pee.


I had no pre-race jitters. It was actually quite the opposite; I was worried if any adrenaline would kick in. I think having a pacer made me less nervous because I wasn’t just putting myself out there. Plus I had done all I could to prepare, so whatever happened was up to my body, and I had ultimately no control over that.

The race started and even though my heart wasn’t pumping with excitement, we started off fast but settled into our pace. From the start we noticed that the mile markers were a little off. Both my watch and Graham’s kept beeping at the mile about 0.1-0.25 before the course markers.

Mentally it was one of the quickest races. I didn’t even realize the distance until mile 4 and then it was only 2 miles until the turn around point. Usually, by mile 2, I’m already beating myself up and second-guessing “why did I do this?” I also ran without music (my first race without it) and it went smooth.

At mile 6 there was the biggest hill of the first half, and I took it a little too quick. I was feeling good and I just wanted to get it over with, so I probably kept around the same pace (instead of just slowing it down and exerting the same effort). At the top this kind of hit me.

By mile 7 I was feeling euphoric. And by mile 9 I was feeling a little too euphoric (is that a thing?). I don’t like being out of control of my body. And by this point I warned my pacer that my brain was feeling a little foggy, in the chance something medically was to happen.  I contemplated even telling him this in the event that it would jinx me and I would immediately pass out/fall over.

Towards the end it obviously got tough for me. I tried to keep it as close to 8 minute pace as possible. I didn’t want to completely crash (although I probably would have given up and started walking if I was alone). Thank god for Graham’s constant reminders “you got this,” “stay strong,” and “almost home” that I completed this in my goal time.

The last 1.5 miles my legs felt like jello. And at 12.5 I thought my arm went numb?  So I just had to remind myself, only 3-4 minutes left.

The last .25 I started burping and was afraid I was going to barf. It wasn’t that I felt like I was pushing myself to my ultimate limits, I just felt like my body was having reactions (to idk what). Do I sound like a hypochondriac or what?  I swear I’m not always this bad!!

My slowest mile was an 8:06 which is a big improvement from my past races that have had at least a mid-8 min mile and/or at least one in the 9s.  This was a good step towards my goals. It showed I could push the pace faster than an 8 minute mile. I just need to work on a little more speed mixed with sustained endurance.


Mile splits recorded by my Garmin (1:42:25):
1- 7:34
2 – 7:19
3 – 7:42
4 – 7:36
5 – 7:51
6 – 7:39
7 – 7:56
8 – 7:53
9 – 7:51
10 – 7:57
11 – 8:06
12 – 8:05
13 – 7:16
Last .25 – 1:35
My chip time was 1:42:23.


Yesterday was the closest thing as to having absolutely nothing to do.  I didn’t want to lose my parking spot and I didn’t want to deal with Black Friday/shopping for things I didn’t need.  So instead, I created and completed a killer lower body workout that left my legs feeling like jello, and then proceeded to watch about a season and a half of Scandal.  TV bingeing is a hobby that I’m shamelessly proud of…
Photo dump for the week:
Receiving the first of the food blogger cookie swap in the mail
Piper’s 70lbs+ twin
Christmas-scented candles and maroon daisies in mason jar
Turkey Day waffles 
Iced coffe and holiday nog
Farmer’s Market drying bouquet
Weekly Workout Recap:
Mon – 6 mi
Tue – 1 mi + upper body/core workout
Wed – 4.5 mi
Fri – 0.5 mi + lower body/core
Sat – 11 mi (preview of Carlsbad Half Marathon course)
Total weekly mileage: 26.1 mi

So Saturday marked the first Surfing Madonna 5k/10k beach run.  It was a beautiful and warm day.  However, it’s been so dry lately, by the time the race started at 12:30pm, my mouth was completely parched.  I also had to go to the bathroom for the second time since arriving at 11:30am (due to my decision to drink a venti iced coffee pre-race) but didn’t have enough time, so I just decided to hold it.


The course started off at Moonlight Beach, and headed north about 2.6 miles to Ponto.  Here was the first turn around (for the 10k).  Then you ran past the finish line (the Start and Finish stood right next to each other) to D Street, turned around, and headed back to the finish.  With 2,000 runners/walkers and only so much surface area to run on the beach, I didn’t know how it was going to work out.


Once the gun went off, I was pumping with caffeine and adrenaline.  Our coach had directed us to go out 10 seconds slower than our intended pace, but I was moving quick without even realizing it.  By mile 1.5 or 2 my calves started to cramp, but then I changed my step to be less on my mid-foot and to be more evenly distributed on my whole foot.


At the turn around (mile 2.6), we were faced with some headwind, so I caught up to another runner and drafted off this guy for the entire way back (~mile 3 to 5).  At mile 5 I started to focus on specific people in front of me.  I either tried to visualize them pulling me forward, or just tried to run up to pass them in general.

By the last turn around (at D Street, I think around mile 5.5 or so) I felt so euphoric.  I just tried to run hard to the end.  The finish was slightly uphill through soft sand, and I felt like I was hiking up a mountain.  I think the course was short (by .2). My watch caught a 7:35 pace (more realistic) and the timing chip caught a 7:21 pace.

photo 1

I ended up with 45:33 as my final time, 3rd in my age division, 18th female and 77th overall.  And not everyone received a medal.  The top placers in each age group received handmade mosaic medal:


Places 2-10 in each age division received a regular medal:


And places 11-20 in each age division received a more generic medal.


All-in-all it was a fun day.  I enjoyed running with my team, I felt like there was so much camaraderie compared to other races where I’ve just run solo.  Plus winning a medal wasn’t bad 😉

Splits according to my Garmin:

1 – 7:24
2 – 7:41
3 – 7:37
4 – 7:46
5 – 7:40
6 – 7:19

November – Thing One: Run Something New.
See: Three Things – November

So RnRLA was a very last minute decision…like Thursday afternoon last minute. Big thanks to an unnamed source for hooking it up 😉 I also convinced my bf to run with me who hasn’t been running more than 6 miles maybe twice a week (in no way trained for a half).
Anyways, these last minute plans called for a hotel. The Rock ‘n Roll host hotel was sold out, as well as all of the other recommended choices (at the runner’s rate). We ended up staying at the O Hotel which was very convenient for the race. Just a couple blocks to the expo, as well as the start and finish. And you literally ran right past the O Hotel in the last ½ mile stretch.

Our costumes were also last minute…like Friday night last minute. There weren’t too many options the Friday right before Halloween, especially when most people are celebrating the weekend before. Luckily I found his and hers Batman and Robin t-shirts with attached capes at Spirit of Halloween.
On to the race.  Sunday ended up being the perfect day to race. The weather was slightly foggy and overcast. And with the later 7:30am start, there was no need for throwaway gear.
With hotel’s so close to the start for both Nike Women’s Half and RnRLA, I’ve preferred to use the bathrooms as late as possible instead of waiting around in port-a-potty lines. We got out there around 7:20am and had no trouble getting into our corral. However, our corral was one of the later ones (corral 7) and it was difficult to actually run. I experienced a lot of sliding in between people and dodging runners.
Since this was my first time racing two consecutive weekends, I wasn’t planning on actually racing. My first goal was to stick with my bf, as long as possible, and then if he needed to walk and if I felt good, I would go ahead. I was also coming off of some sniffles/a congested nose and I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to breathe (just a minor side note, hah). But by mile 2.5 he told me to go ahead, and after contemplating, I finally just continued on my own. Once I left my bf, I started to pick up the pace. I realized I could manage to get down around an 8 minute pace, so I tried to keep it as close to that as possible without over-exerting myself.

My second and third goals became: find Pavement Runner and beat all other Robin’s.


hey look who I found after the race!

We headed out, around the USC stadium, and back, then out and back in another direction (I think that’s the most accurate way to describe the course). There was one slight incline, followed by one hill up a bridge (it wasn’t that bad). But the good part about going out and back was that you then got to go down the hill and down the incline.
There was also a long tunnel we entered around mile 7 or so. It was fairly long so I lost satellite reception. We also had to go back through this tunnel around 11 or so, and at this point it was so hot and muggy. Towards the end (last .1) it still appeared to be crowded and I was worried about finishing hard. Some guy started to move in fast towards the end, so I just followed the path he created.

Overall this race was a lot of fun. It was an easy course with little variance in elevation. Plus I also enjoyed dressing up, which was a surprise to me. I would definitely consider running this race again.

This race taught me that I race much better with no pressure. This allowed for a full night of sleep, no stress lining up in the corrals, and no expectations for running.

My time goal was to break 2 hours, but then as I reached the end, I wanted to break 1:50. Official time: 1:48:20.  Also, good job to my bf for coming in at 1:55:53!

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin (1:48:21):
1 – 8:40
2 – 8:42
3 – 8:32
4 – 8:02
5 – 8:08
6 – 8:19
7 – 8:06
8 – 7:55
9 – 8:07
10 – 8:20
11 – 7:52
12 – 8:16
13 – 7:20
Last .32 – 1:57

Some of the best/most creative costumes included:

  • Michael Phelps – speedo only & gold medals
  • Elliott & E.T. – red hoodie with egg crate and E.T.’s head sticking out
  • Quail Man – white tighty-whities, red cabe, green top and belt headband
  • Basketball Player – dribbling 2 balls the entire time

What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?

On Sunday, October 20, I woke up at 5:30am after having a scary dream that I drove off a cliff. I was driving my car but it was like 3rd person vision in a video game. As I was hovering hundreds or thousands of feet above a body of water, I was so regretful and just wanted to turn back. I was jolted awake and happy that I was in my hotel bed, still alive. Mantra/song for the day: (“No I don’t even know if I’m alive. Oh, oh, oh without you now” from This Is What It Feels Like).  If a scary almost-death dream doesn’t make you excited to run a half marathon, I don’t know what does (*insert sarcasm*).

We stayed at the Handlery Hotel on Geary so it was literally a block from the start. Unfortunately I booked us a double bed, which feels like the equivalent of sharing a college twin XL bed. Next time I need to keep in mind King size or no size. **note: stay in Union-Square. There was no host hotel (maybe for TNT [Team In Training]) and no runner discounts.

This was the earliest race I have ever run (6:30am), but the longest I’ve ever slept in. Usually I have to wake up super early to drive and chill out in the parking lot for several hours. I also wasn’t hungry when I woke up (very unusual for me). So I snacked on some ProBar chews and finally ate my Quest Bar.  My dinner the night before (SF eats post to follow) was the perfect proportion of protein-to carbs-to lightness (no scientific backing for this claim).

photo 1

I didn’t have to deal with the porta-potties or lines with our hotel so close to the start. Around 6am we went out to check it out, then I went back up to the hotel room to pee and was back out by 6:15am.  I had a hard time getting into my corral originally, probably because I should’ve gotten out there a little bit earlier. They didn’t have an opening in the line-up for 7:00-7:59 pace wristbands to enter, so I had to enter from the 8:00-8:59 corral and push my way up to the front before the race started.

It was a fairly chilly morning, but after the adrenaline/panic of almost not getting into my corral, I was warmed up and dropped my throwaway jacket before the start. I decided to pin my bib to my shorts in the chance that I would run with my sweatshirt for the first couple of miles.  The corral panic made me realize that I have a lack of self-motivation– basically, I was ready to give up from the beginning (but I didn’t!).

Also, did you know Shay Mitchell was running this race (#PLLFanatic…mildly just kidding)? Of course I did after stalking her Instagram. I was partially on the look-out and thought I saw her within the first half-mile. I contemplated sticking around and running by her before I realized it def was not her!

There were some smaller hills around mile 3 (near Ghiradelli Square) but I moved up these seamlessly, and made sure to take 10 good steps after reaching the top which helped refresh my legs and kept me moving (got this tip from the November Runner’s World I read on the plane ride over!).  The biggest hill was around 6-7 through Golden Gate Park, but it was definitely nowhere near the difficulty level of Torrey Pines.  I didn’t think the course was as hilly as people made it seem (or maybe compared to La Jolla nothing will be as hilly).  There weren’t any of those “signature SF hills.”

Around mile 9 I was starting to fatigue and there were some small hills through residential areas. At mile 10 I felt really good, but by mile 11 that feeling started to fade off.  At mile 12 I finally gave it my all, especially around the 12.5 mile mark.  Once I turned the corner towards the finish line, I came in fast with my knees driving (6:25 finishing pace). Then I flew and ate shit. The worst part was that the fireman looked at me unapologetic like it was all my fault (okay, so maybe it was). But by the time I registered, high-five, no high-five, I had already fallen flat on the ground. Today my right knee is pretty poorly bruised and I have rug burn all up my forearms. This was probably one of the most embarrassing incidents of my life. But I guess it makes for a great story (too bad there’s no finish line footage).

The spectator shuttle system was pretty messed up, so my dad and boyfriend didn’t arrive until 45 minutes after I finished. They were dropped off at the 11.3 mile cheering station and was told it was the end, so they ended up having to walk the 2 miles to the finish line (thank god for the Verizon “call your friends” tent. I didn’t run with my phone so it helped to have some way to contact them).
I realized I got blood on my finishers t-shirt and that my arm was scathed. So I made my first ever trip to the medical tent (which was also just very warm). I also drank my bodyweight in nuun while I was waiting. I probably had close to 8 cups I kept walking back and forth to drink.

Throughout the race I only stopped for water twice (around mile 4 and 7) and only walked through these stations (I have a hard time drinking from water cups and running/not choking). I didn’t walk anywhere else which is a small victory in itself since for the past 3 half marathons (AFC, RnRSD and La Jolla) I’ve felt the need to walk at least a few strides. Especially after AFC, I feel like I’m back on the right track.

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin (1:45:18):
1 – 7:56
2 – 7:54
3 – 7:58
4 – 7:43
5 – 7:49
6 – 8:05
7 – 9:15
8 – 7:37
9 – 8:45
10 – 7:39
11 – 7:45
12 – 8:06
13 – 7:02
Last .25 – 1:36

My chip time was 1:45:07.

From my perspective, I thought this was a well-organized race (except for the corral thing). Of course there is going to be chaos with 30,000 women running (and shopping everything Nike).  From my dad’s/bf’s perspective, the spectator shuttle was a nightmare. It basically took them 2 hours to get the finish line, from waiting, to taking a detoured bus route, to walking to the finish line. They didn’t even make it to see me finish. However, I thought Nike did an excellent job of personalizing the experience.

photo 2


The Niketown exterior window had every runner’s name listed. And as you entered the “expotique” after checking in, your name went across a big digital screen “ASHLEIGH YOU INSPIRE US.” They also had a wall where pictures hash-tagged with “werunsf appeared.  Overall, I thought it was a good race with a fun and refreshing course. Even though it was a new course (to me), I think unintentionally running part of the route during our July trip helped familiarize certain places. The only thing I would change would be training a little bit more for the hills. Mentally I felt good and I would probably like to run it again next year.



Originally (like earlier last week) I was going to say: “I ran this race about 2 years ago and all I can remember is sitting at the start in the dark, some downhill action, flat around the harbor, and a hill at the end (that was nothing compared to La Jolla…I don’t think anything will ever compare to that.) I also read in the August 2013 Competitor Magazine that this is not a fast course, or one for PR-ing. But I PR-ed the last time I ran this course and thought it was by-far my favorite (probably because it’s point-to-point and not hilly). I think some people take the downhill too fast, and burn out their legs by the time it hits flat.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.03.26 PM

Fast forward to yesterday, when all the stars did not align.
-Didn’t get enough sleep.  Even though I laid down at 7:30pm, a “Roaring 20’s” block party was blaring music outside until 12am.  As I result I was restless.
-My new playlist wouldn’t sync. As a result, I had to listen to my RnR SD playlist.
-Started at the front of the pack, aka my gun time was only 5 seconds faster than my chip time.
-Took my first porta-potty break in the race. At mile 2 I emptied a full bladder.
-Siri kept popping up to answer questions and interrupting my music.  NOT NOW SIRI!
-Heavy legs, inability to move my body faster.  Was this a message from my body? Have I been overtraining (between running, personal training, etc.)?

The course started out with miles 1-2 as pretty flat.  There were slight and gradual rolling hills, but nothing too cumbersome.  For miles 3-5 I sought to pick up some time, but only a little, running 20-30 seconds faster pace, but one that wouldn’t leave my quads on the downhill.  Miles 6-10 were flat again, and this was where I was supposed to settle back into my goal pace.  As I hit the 5  mile marker, a guy read out that we were going at a 7:55 pace.  Immediately after that, my body just broke and I could not move it any faster.  This should have been the easiest part, but I could barely keep with it.  I kept reasoning with myself, “okay, this isn’t going to be a PR, just try to keep an 8 min pace.”  Then I slowly kept slipping, allowing myself 8:30, 8:45, 9:00, 9:30…Around mile 11 I met up with my running coach who was literally a (mental) lifesaver.  He helped me to really push up the hill and to focus on small accomplishments such as maintaining a pace to a specific marker, or moving with proper form, turning the littlest things into achievements.  I had to walk for a portion at a certain point because I seriously feared I might faint or throw up.  Once we made it the fountain at the Prado in Balboa Park, I hit the last 400 yards with all I had left.  My coach told me to liken it to the last fast 400 in a workout, where you give it all you’ve got because you know you’ll be done right after.  This helped and I managed to get a 1:34 out for the last quarter mile.  I wish there was a video of me coming into the finish line because I just imagined my movement like the Pied Piper skipping through town.  My legs were driving up so high and fast, I’m sure I looked spastic.  By the end I just wanted to make sure I came in under 2 hours, and I managed to do so with a 1:54:40, almost 10 minutes slower than my time 2 years ago!

This race concluded the “Triple Crown Series” (Carlsbad, La Jolla and AFC), and was my second time completing this series.  I probably will never do Carlsbad and La Jolla again, but I would definitely like to redeem myself on the AFC course again next year.

Goal vs. Actual Pace
1-2 goal pace – 7:50
Actual: 7:51, 8:05
3-5 downhill – 7:20-30
Actual: 7:34, 7:20, 7:58
6-10 flat, goal pace – 7:50
Actual: 8:19, 8:39, 8:54, 8:48, 9:00
11-13 uphill – 8:40+
Actual: 9:32, 10:30, 10:10
Last 400 yards – quick downhill
Actual: 1:34

photo 2


I love early morning long runs on Saturday, but only after the fact.  Because I love going out to eat breakfast, even if I’m just by myself.photo

This morning’s run was rough.  10 miles, including trail hills and 1 mile on the UCSD track at race pace.

The best part of the run was the run back.  It’s always that way, because you know you’re basically home free.  I talked about this with one of the guys I frequently run with during our group runs, and he said it reminded him of a TED Talks by Benjamin Zander (linked if you want to watch).  In the talk, The Transformative Power of Classical Music, Zander uses one example of a Chopin piece (Prelude in E-minor) that goes from “away” to “home” (key B to E).  At the end , the listener feels comfort and a sigh of relief, because after this journey (starting at B) you finally reach home (at E).  It’s all about the e’s (or ease. Trying to be punny) of reaching home.

Weekly Workout Recap

Mon – PT (full body/chest)
Tues – XT (lower body/core)
Wed – Speed work (recap here) ~4-5 miles
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – 10 mile Long Run
Weekly mileage: 14-15 miles


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