This weekend has flown by!  Yesterday felt like Sunday, but it’s so nice to have an extra day that actually is Sunday!  So insightful, I know.  Anyways, Friday afternoon until this morning I spent in HOT HOT HOT Palm Desert.  I have officially not worked out for four days, but I feel great.  Well rested, and ready to start the week off fresh tomorrow.


Obsessed with my new RAEN Sunglasses (Encinitas based company).  #ShopLocal

Weekly Workout Recap
Sun – XT (back and biceps) + 3 mile run
Mon – PT (lower body/core) + 8 minute abs
Tues – PT (full body/core/triceps) + 8 minute abs
Wed – Speed work at 6:30AM! (2×400 @ 1:45 pace w/60 seconds rest, 10 min at pace you could hold for 60 min, 2×400 @ 1:45 pace w/60 seconds rest, 10 min at pace you could hold for 60 min)
Thurs – Rest, in Newport
Fri – Rest, in Newport/Palm Desert
Sat – Rest, in Palm Desert
Sun – Rest, in Palm Desert/back home
Weekly mileage: a measly ~7.5 miles

Happy Holiday Weekend!  4th of July was super fun as we spent the day with friends in Newport.  Last year London and I really got into it making it a party, with extensive sparkling sangria recipes and stone-fruit galettes (she still made one this year! yum :))  Since travel was involved, I opted for the easiest recipes available.  Pre-bottled Gallo sangria (I don’t think it gets any better) and 2-ingredient mango bellinis (mango puree and Cook’s champagne).  The day couldn’t have been any better, and now it really feels like summer has started!

photo 1

Festive 4th of July hair extensions with my roommate, London.

photo 5

Super easy, and super delicious Sangria

photo 2

Watermelon, essential summer staple

photo 4

Grilled corn and 2-ingredient mango bellinis 


Mid-day Sambazon Acai bowls

photo 3

Cheap photobooth session.
We didn’t want to pay so we took our own pictures inside the photobooth.

It’s been a busy week.  And as of yesterday it’s officially summer!  This morning was a tough one to wake up. I had running club at 7:15 so I set multiple alarms at 6:20, 6:25, 6:30, 6:45 and finally 7:00 to make sure I left on time.  After grabbing a Larabar to eat in the car, I noticed it had already been opened (I’m assuming by me at some earlier time?) and was completely petrified.  Gah, just what I needed.

Now, I will say this over and over until I’m blue in the face or until it becomes untrue, but I love running with other people.  The time just flies by and it definitely keeps you moving when you would otherwise quit (like this morning…I was quite fatigued).

Post-run I met up with my dad for breakfast at Swami’s, and ordered what has become my usual: acai bowl, side of potatoes and iced coffee.  I had this last Saturday, and Sunday and again today.  What can I say?  I live for planning and routine.

photo 1

After my dad left I hit up the mall to try and find some new training shoes since mine got dirty after last week’s hike.  So, I guess I just have to get new ones.  Such a burden 😉 except really it is when you want to buy something and you can’t find it anywhere.  #firstworldproblems


Tell me where I can find these shoes size 8!

Later I met up with my mom and brother and we lived the life of luxury, aka, sitting poolside, sipping Oreo smoothies.  I just love anything cookies and cream.  But I don’t like plain Oreos.  I like them crushed up and sprinkled on fro-yo, or big hunks of cookie in cookies and cream ice cream.  I guess the same goes with all other kinds of candy too.  I just like it in not normal form.  Total digression.

photo 2

Then we went to Man of Steel which was good because, you know, sometimes you just like watching movies because you just like looking at people. Like sexy Superman.  Finally we went to my long lost love, Burger Lounge, where I was able to reconnect with my favorite veggie salad topped with quinoa patty.  Perfection.

Today was very productive, semi-eventful, and of course, summery.  Waking up early and running really helps with being productive all day because 1. you don’t have it lingering over you, and 2. you get your butt out of bed.

Weekly Workout Recap
Sun – 8 mile hike
Mon – Full Body/PT (1 mi warm-up)
Tues – Full Body/PT
Wed – Speedwork (~2 mi+)
Thurs – Rest
Fri – 40 min run (4 mi)
Sat – 10 mile long run
Weekly mileage: 17 running miles

I wish I could just live in workout clothes.

Instead, I have to wear real clothes for the real world job, which lately I’ve just been opting for comfort (i.e. basic t-shirt paired with statement necklace to add some class and sophistication).  I already justify that because I spend half of my days, almost every day in workout clothes, it’s acceptable to spend more money on them than actual clothes.  I just wish they could be my second skin.

Here are my favorite workout clothes for summer that may or may not be in a virtual shopping bag somewhere…already…


1. Forever 21 – Tribal Print Workout Tank. Simple front with a snazzy back.
2. O’Neill 365 – Atmosphere Tank.  This looks like a shirt you would buy from Brandy Melville, but it has wicking technology, odor resistant treated fabric, and quick-dry material with a dry rate greater or equal to 50% within 30 minutes! I’m sold.  I also like this one.
3. Oiselle – Mio Mesh Tank.  I saw this on their homepage and immediately fell in love.  It’s light with a unique shape, and “you’ll feel like you’re running free, bra only, but with the coverage of a tank.”  Like I said here, it’s best to give your body a breath of fresh air.
4. Nike – Barely There Print Bra. Fun colors and polka dots.  Looks like a good fit for the girl with not-the-mostest (aka A-cup Ashleigh).
5. Under Armour – Play Up Short.  Vibrant and loose-fitting.  Sometimes you just need a little leg wiggle room, like that favorite pair of diaper-sagging granny panties.

P.S. I just bought my first running skirt.  Who am I?!

The past couple of days have been pretty toasty by the time I’m off work and ready to run.  Here are some tips on how to beat the heat, or at least compete with it.  I could have taken some of this advice myself, resulting in a “doh!” moment after the fact.  I probably deserved a Gibbs head slap.


Tips for Training in the Heat

1. Hydrate!  Either run with a water bottle or mark out a course where you know there are water fountains (and functioning ones at that).

2. Go Naked!  Take off all your make-up.  The other day I forgot my make-up remover wipes and ended up running with a full face of make-up (ok I don’t wear that much, but still).   I was trying to avoid rubbing my eyes on my shirt since mascara stains never seem to come out.  Sweat, running down my face, through my mascara and into my eyes was blinding.  I ended up sticking my fingers straight across my eyeballs to try and blink out any mascara gunk and salty sweat.

3. Breathe!  Let your body catch a breeze by wearing sweat-wicking material and loose fitting fabrics.  Don’t just opt for cotton tees.

4. Lube up!  Sweat, shorts, and fabric rubbing can cause chafing.  Use Vaseline or Body Glide to doctor these problem areas before  it’s too late.

5. Suck it up!  Just kidding.  If it’s really hot, like hotter than what I consider hot (aka anything warmer than 80 degrees), take your workout indoors.  If your training has wiggle room, cross-train instead or stick to the treadmill.  Maybe this is a good time to test out a pool workout?

6. Replenish!  Drink something cool and refreshing, but still filled with protein to aid in muscle recovery.  Try something like my version of a Mango Lassi below.

photoMango Lassi
Paleo and lactose-free
1 cup coconut water
1/2 cup plain lactose-free kefir
1/2 frozen banana
1 cup frozen mango chunks

  1.  Add all ingredients in the blender and blend until all frozen ingredients have broken down.  Pour into glass and garnish with mint leaves.  Makes one 16 oz. smoothie.

photoSurprise!  Yesterday my dad and I showed up in Palm Desert, unannounced, on my grandma’s doorstep to make a surprise visit for Mother’s Day.  Her reaction was priceless.  She literally just screamed “OH MY GOD!”


Today it was 104 degrees of DRY HEAT.  My foot is still healing, but even if I had been able to run my ideal 10 miles, I’m pretty sure there would have been no way –I would have just shriveled up and disintegrated!  We made some quick and easy sangria to combat the heat while we grilled some brandy-marinated steak, boiled the corn, sautéed the mushrooms with a little red wine, and tossed the salad.  The sangria was just a bottle of Gallo Sangria, doctored up with some thin slices of lemon, lime and navel orange.  All in all it was a quick trip, but it was some good time spent with family.


Hope you all had a Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s 86 degrees in sunny San Diego today!  I beat the heat and went to yoga at 6 this morning, after going to bed early last night around 10pm.  I’m trying to work on my May goals.  Anyways, obviously summer is coming, and the high temperatures today just reinforce that.  Although there’s a chance of rain Sunday, everybody’s been thinking about or working on their beach body.  Below is an ab circuit that will work your core and obliques.  If you haven’t done unicycles before, they’re quite the challenge!  Option to repeat this circuit more than once.  Time to get crunching!    beachbodyabs


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