Last week originally started off with zero plans. No dates to be had, no events scheduled. However, true to my style and my need to be surrounded by people at all times, the week kind of turned out like this…

Monday after work I ran a quick 6 miles. I ended up completely drenched in sweat, sitting in my car with all air vents directed towards me on full blast. Changing into some dry clothes, I met up with London to get our nails done before heading over to Kendall’s for a grilled veggie and sausage dinner.

Tuesday night my bf and I kept it active and healthy with yoga followed by this homemade pasta salad salad.  I had a hard time finding penne or rigatoni, so we ended up with fresh tortellini instead.


Wednesday I met up with SoCal Runner Gal for a warm 5 miles (as all running is lately), followed by dinner at East Village Asian Diner, and blog brainstorming over fro-yo.



Thursday Kendall and I fed into our ice cream temptation and drove 13 miles to San Marcos for something I yelped — the “Baltimore Snowball,” basically ice on top of ice cream. London met us afterwards for surfing and another sausage dinner. I helped Kendall pack for her trip to Chicago with a very detailed dressing itinerary 😛

Friday night my bf and I kept it low-key (kind of the Friday I’ve been needing after the past couple of Fridays) and just had dinner at our favorite Thai place, Bangkok Bay, followed by my best attempt to keep my eyes open for any type of movie.


I woke up Saturday feeling completely refreshed and ready for a great day. My dad came into town for the weekend and we spent the day brunching with bottomless Mimosas at Union, bowling for a couple hours, and finished up with dinner at the Encinitas Ale House.

Sunday my dad and I grabbed brunch at Honey’s before he left. Then I met up with London to do a tour de Encinitas eating fest. First, lunch at Fish Shop (mind you I went here for Lunch Friday, and both of London’s bday celebrations the week before). And then the later search for root beer floats turned into a full-on dinner at none other than Union, again.

I’m starting to think I should work on a “best places to eat in Encinitas” post since I tend to frequent the same restaurants over and over and over again.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/23-8/29):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – Yoga Sculpt + Hot Yoga
Wed – 5 mi
Thurs – Yoga Sculpt
Fri – Yoga Sculpt
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 11 mi
Hours cross-training: 4 hours
2015 miles: 969 mi


This past week I unintentionally finished out at my highest mileage ever (e.g. two-a-days just because I was bored), as well as completed my longest run ever.  Here are some notable events:

photo 1_4

Friday London and I took over Kelli’s house with a homemade segment of Happy Hour Made Healthy. We’ll be sharing the deets and recipes this upcoming Thursday!

photo 2_4

On Saturday, my girl pack ditched me and I was left alone for my longest run ever (18 miles!). With my iPod shuffle loaded with playlists of races past, it was definitely a confidence booster. Fun story: on my way back (we ran an out and back route), I stopped by AM/PM to fill up my water bottle. However, the soda machine didn’t have a water dispenser and while I was looking for it I stupidly finished up my bottle. So I decided to pop into Taco Bell since I had already stopped. Luckily, they had ice cold water in their machine so I filled up. As I was walking out, a stranger audibly farted. In my face. In a Taco Bell. At 9am. Yup. I left completely shocked and probably rethought about the incident the next mile or more. Honestly, WHO DOES THAT?!

Afterwards I met up with London and Kellen (another SD blogger) at Java Earth Cafe. A breakfast burrito is just what the doctor I ordered.

photo 1_5

photo 2_5


Early yesterday morning I met with a nutritionist at Balanced Health & Fitness (working on a full recap of the gym). Then I met up with my “blogger babe crew” for some SUP Yoga by San Diego Paddle Yoga in Mission Bay. We’re also an extreme couponing group (lolol jk) so we had purchased deals on Living Social. SUP Yoga was definitely a challenge and I didn’t want to fall in so I didn’t try to anything too adventurous (although I was wearing my Graced by Grit Land & Sea knickers!). The most advanced pose I was able to hold was headstand. After utilizing every muscle in our body to stretch and stabilize, we grabbed lunch at Olive’s and then, like our sandwiches, got toasted on the beach. Later I did the usual grocery shopping and food prepping for the week.

This week is another busy one with appointments, events, and lotsa lotsa birthdays!

Let’s try and have a happy Monday 😛

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Rest
Mon – Yoga sculpt + 6 mi
Tues – 4.5 mi AM + 4 mi PM treadmill
Wed – L1 classic hot yoga (60 min) + 7 mi
Thurs – 8 mi
Fri – Rest
Sat –18.2 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 47.7 mi
Total Miles with Piper: 0 mi
Hours cross-training: 2 hours
2014 Miles YTD: 957.9 mi

This past Sunday, I went to a special Orange Theory Fitness class that Gina set up for some local San Diego bloggers. Funny, the crew looks pretty familiar 😉

afterlight_16Jess, Brianne, London, Avery, Gina and Hollis (the studio owner)

Orange Theory Fitness is a 60-minute, interval based workout that works between the treadmill, rowing machine, and weights. The goal is to work at least 12-18 minutes in the orange (plus red) zone, for optimal calorie burning after class (or post-exercise oxygen consumption).

photo 1_31

Each class is taught on an on-class basis, meaning you probably won’t do the same workout twice unless you’re going there pretty consistently.

I feel like reading about the workout is completely different than actually doing it, because even though I had heard of Orange Theory Fitness, I honestly had no idea what to expect.

photo 2_33

Our workout moved from treadmill, to rowing, to floor work and plyometrics. We completed 4 different blocks of this, with an emphasis on short bursts of power.

For the treadmill, we moved from walking, to a base, push, to all out sprint. For example, my base was 6.3 mph, push was 8mph and my all out sprint was anywhere between 9-10mph.

photo 4_5

On the rowing machine, we tried to achieve either a certain wattage or distance in meters.

And for the floor work, it was segments of 10 or less reps of anything from jump squats, hip thrusters, power planks, etc. The goal was to see if you could complete these rounds anywhere from 2-5 times, or even more.


At the end of the class, I had achieved around 38 minutes in the green zone (moderate/base), 7 minutes in the orange (hard), and about 25 seconds in the red (maximum).

After taking the class, I realized it’s a great workout concept, tailored to each individuals fitness level (and heart rate). It makes you competitive with yourself, and challenges you to work your way up each heart rate zone.

It really motivates you to want to go in again and do better than you did before.

2 days later I can officially say I’m S O R E.

photo 3_15

Have you ever heard of or tried Orange Theory Fitness?


If you’re in the market for some new, stylish and flattering summer activewear, look no further than the “Daily Practice Collection” from lucy activewear.  These pieces provide a look good, feel good attitude, and are perfect for inspiring your daily practice.  I have tried and tested both the Daily Practice Cami and Capri Leggings for multiple workouts and they pass my approval for both yoga (sculpt) and running.

photo 2_13

photo 1_13

First up, the Daily Practice Cami.  My go-to tank for both yoga and running is anything with a built-in bra.  It makes life so much easier, plus it makes for one less thing you have to pack/put on.  I love the double-strap look in the front and the thicker adjustable straps in the back.  Plus they’re convertible so you can make it a cross-back tank if you’d like.

photo 1_14

photo 3_9

Next, the Daily Practice Capri Legging.  Good fitting leggings are a serious thing!  It’s important (especially for yoga) to have a pair that are not too low-rise.  You need something that will move with you that you won’t have to stop and adjust (goes for running too).  These fit amazing and comfortably snug in all of the right places!

If you’re looking for an alternative workout brand, I recommend trying lucy activewear.  They have some unique pieces, and their designs are fully functional for all workout levels.

What workout wear are you currently coveting for this upcoming summer season?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I received complimentary lucy activewear for my review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Very early on a not so bright Sunday morning, Andy held her first “Fitness Fiesta.”  Andy was training a friend and everyone at her job kept asking why she was glowing (they all thought she was pregnant!).  She told them that she had been training with Andy, and so this idea came about to put a workout group together.


The workout was a solid 40 minutes of exercises (and an additional 10 minutes for warm-up, and 10 minutes for cool-down) that only required body weight.  There were four rounds of four exercises that each targeted upper body, lower body, core and one to increase your heart rate.  The grand finale was a pyramid of star jumps, burpees and high knees for 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds, for each exercise working your way down.


Sample round:
Push-ups with partner x20
Walking double lunges x 1 min
Russian twists x 1 min
Jumping jacks x 1 min


Andy put together these cute little water bottles and marked one of the tags for a participation giveaway (a reusable water bottle that said “Suck It Up” and a nice, thick yoga mat).


It was a great way to start a Sunday morning.  We’re hoping to work together next time and expand the Fitness Fiesta!



Last Friday my friend Devon and I went to the grand opening of Lorna Jane in La Jolla. We attended the “Intensity Training” class which proved to be, well, very intense! However, it wasn’t our favorite class as the teacher was high intensity but provided very low motivation.  Nonetheless, we managed to break a sweat and increase our heart rates in a short 30 minutes.


I also ran into Debbie from Live From La Quinta at the opening/workout class too!

I love the concept of the new store, being an “Active Living Room.” I think it’s a great marketing piece to offer free classes to get people in the door because you won’t be able to walk out without buying something!


All the girls at Lorna Jane were amazingly beautiful, Australian, super nice, and extremely helpful!  The girl who helped me was named Ashleigh too.  She had me trying on outfits I normally wouldn’t, but I ended up loving.  I wound up with 3 shirts and a pair of leggings (they were a gift with purchase).  Here’s what I snagged:



Team LJ Excel Tank // Barbey Excel Tank // LJ Halter Excel Tank // Everyday 7/8 Tight (similar here)

So far I’ve worn the Team LJ and Barbey Excel Tanks to run in, the LJ Halter Excel Tank to yoga sculpt, and the Everyday Tight for lounging!  Some of my favorite details include the unique backs of the tops (including the ones I selected), as well as the wide range of colors Lorna Jane has to offer!  I feel like all of the pieces are very versatile and can work for any sport, from yoga and running, to weights at the gym.

Disclaimer: Through my ambassadorship through Fit Approach I was compensated via a gift card for my use.  However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A New LJ in LJ! This weekend Lorna Jane is opening a new store in downtown La Jolla. All weekend long there will be free fitness classes as well as 20% off discount if you bring in this flyer (see below)!  If you’re in the San Diego area I definitely recommend checking it out.


Here are some of my current favorites at Lorna Jane:
Theola Bra // Arianna Excel Tank // Galvanise Run Short // Hair Toggles // Splits Run Short // Iconic Glass Water Bottle // Flaunt Excel Tank

What are you doing this weekend?


So I finally did it.  I cancelled my 24 Hour Fitness gym membership.  I was so hesitant for the longest time because I feared losing my grandfathered-in Super Sport membership and regretting it.  However, when I looked back at my attendance history, I saw that I had not been since November, in which I only went once, and before that, only once in October.  I knew my good intentions of making up all this lost time was not feasible.  And even though I always wanted to get to their pool (to the extent of buying my own kickboard and pull buoy), I never did.

So moral of the story: I cancelled my gym membership and got hooked up with a membership for a pool that I will actually use.  A pool with absolutely NO ONE there, ever.  How beautiful is this?


Plus it’s attached to a spa and shower with soaps and shampoos that make you leave smelling like a mermaid (in the best possible way).

This month I completed my goal of swimming at least once a week.  It’s something I definitely want to keep up and maintain as part of my cross-training.  I find it to be so relaxing and feel completely refreshed afterwards!

What’s your favorite method of cross-training?

February – Thing Three: Start Swimming more
See: Three Things – February l February – Thing One l February – Thing Two

 Some things from the past week in the life of Ashleigh:


afterlight-2 Swimming – I  asked my friend from high school to help me start swimming again. She gave me a workout to see what my current level is…but SWIMMING IS SO HARD! I would rather run a half marathon than swim 8 100’s. I couldn’t even do flip turns for some of them because I was afraid of being underwater for too long and drowning! Haha.  I was so tired.  I still did the workout though because I felt bad if I asked for help and didn’t follow through.  Even though I was barely able to walk this day, swimming felt great.


Half Marathons – Signed up for Disneyland Half Marathon for my birthday weekend. Last year was drinking and Vegas, this year is running and Disney.


Quest Bars – Pre-ordered the Cookies ‘n cream flavor but then discovered them at GNC!  Also, don’t forget to check out my Quest Bar/Arctic Zero recipes and enter the giveaway!


1546001_10201941307109253_603930718_nYummy breakfast – Sprouted toast smothered with Trader Joe’s greek yogurt guacamole and an all egg white omelet with kale.


1503458_10201949041382605_334754350_n Kale Flowers– I don’t know?

afterlight-7Valentine’s Day – Some cute (and true) cards I found at Paper Source.


photo-1Shopping Spree – chyeah right :-P.  Only affordable at 70% off, hah.  Replenished my wardrobe with a majority of black and white.

photo Long Workouts – After work I ran 6 miles then went to Whole Foods for a Suja juice.  I didn’t realize until I got to my training session that I had my blinking Nathan light on the whole time!



afterlight-3 Harbor Walks – with unphotogenic Piper.


afterlight-1 Cioppino – Buon Appetito has the BEST cioppino.  They use salmon instead of white fish, so instead of tasting, well, fishy, the salmon tastes buttery and flakes apart oh so nicely in the soup.

afterlight Cannolis – taste like custard filled donuts!

Whatchu got going on this February?

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – 2000m swim
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – 6 mi
Wed – 7 mi + Work B*tch Ab Challenge! done to Drunk in Love song (5:30) + hip twist to butt lift ab exercise (2:00)
Thurs – 6 mi + PT (upper body)
Fri – Rest
Sat – 8 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 33 miles
2014 Miles YTD: 131.85 miles

I never run by myself anymore. I almost have a fear of it.  Last night I even conjured up my GBF Kenny to do a run with me, and we’ve never even run together before (except for maybe this photoshoot).


This story is not how Kenny and I ended up Hansel & Gretle-ing our way out of a dark forest (we ended up walking hand-in-hand as we exited a trail after dusk).  It’s about running alone for the first time in forever and surpassing expectations.

On Monday night I was about 15 minutes late to my group run.  The rest of the group was heading north on the beach.  I knew if I followed this route, I would be slowed down to the point of never catching up.  What was the point of showing up if I never say anybody else on the run?  So I stayed on the pavement and actually made up good time.

My prescribed workout was 50-55 mins w/ 40 mins as (30 mins 1/2 pace, 10 mins 10K pace).  *Side note: I don’t really know what my half marathon pace should be. I assume between 7:45-8 min/mile pace (my stretch and realistic goal paces). And 10k would be 7:30-7:45 although I honestly haven’t run a 10k in years.

I wasn’t necessarily sticking with the program, but just felt good so I just rolled with it.  Sometimes I worry if I try to control myself (slow down), I’ll never be able to pick it up when I need to. I like to start out quick but still reserved, if that makes sense. Mainly what my body feels capable of…

Since I’ve been running so much with other people, it’s really helped to set my pace.  It also distracts me from focusing too much on my pace, which has been for the better.  All alone, with no small talk to sidetrack me, I tuned into my senses, and just focused on my form and pumping forward.  I was nervous about even hitting 8 min/mile coming off my first 16 miler weekend, but ended up surpassing my expectations.

Run recap:
Mile 1 – 7:57
Mile 2 – 7:33
Mile 3 – 7:36
Mile 4 – 7:51
Mile 5 – 7:58
Mile 6 – 8:27

I ended up doing even better than the Monday before when I was trudging along with my crazy speedy running buddy (his fastest mile in his running history was a 5:12! Lucky for me he was on an easy day).

Do you prefer to run alone or with a group/buddy?

Right now I’m all about the buddy system.

How do you keep track of your workouts?

I have tried all methods (journals, calendars, etc.) but never seem to look back on them.  Blogging has been the most effective means of tracking my progress.  Because I write all of this and then I forget. It’s been really good for me to look back and see some actual progress. I can feel it, but it’s nice to have the numbers to actually validate it.

Oh yeah, and the winner of the the winner of the Rescue Me Jewelry giveaway is #45 Morgan W for liking Sunny Side Design on Facebook!  Please email me at


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