The last time I made my way into Lululemon, Piper peed on the floor.  But before that happened, I found a couple of tanks that passed my test and I could justify the price tag.  Test: can wear to work, can wear to workout, can wear for everyday, can (potentially) wear to bed . Deal done, tank purchased.

Exhibit A (& B): Ebb To Street tank (in heathered cornflower and black):

Work to Everyday.

afterlightignore my half/crooked smile?

Exhibit C: Cool Racerback (in ziggy wee october angel wing):

Early morning yoga.


 too early to show my face

What are you currently wearing to workout?
Do you wear your workout clothes outside of just working out?

Early to bed, early to rise.  Currently cooking a meat and potatoes kind of dinner: chicken wings, rosemary red potatoes, arugula salad with heirloom tomatoes and avocado.  I’m feeling a bit lethargic after early morning yoga and running necessary errands such as getting my car washed and searching for throw-away gear.  I never thought it would be so hard to find a cheap/disposable sweatshirt.  But I guess it is the summer.  After I went to the expo and got the last men’s small technical tee (I prefer men’s over women’s because I prefer shapeless vs. fitted).   Bought some new shwag from the expo (below) because  I loved the heather burgundy, plus it has a little pocket!  Here’s aiming at a 8pm bedtime.

photo 1

Weekly Workout Recap
Sun – Rest
Mon – 3.25 mi
Tues – PT (full body)
Wed – 4 mi
Thurs – CP2 Yoga
Fri – HPF Yoga
Sat – CP2 Yoga
Total Weekly Mileage: 7.25 mi

Last night I was invited to attend the Rachel Brathen Workshop and “Beats and Bellinis” after-party at The Yoga Factory in Hillcrest, San Diego.


When first asked, the name, Rachel Brathen sounded familiar.  When I looked on the website I realized, hey, she looks familiar too.  I know her!  She’s @yoga_girl on instagram.  I’m a total insta-stalker and she’s totally insta-famous.

The class was a 75 minute Vinyasa style flow, and boy, were we flowing!  It’s the first time in a while that I haven’t taken a heated yoga class, but we definitely generated some heat.  I was warmed up from my training session earlier that night and prepped for a good stretch.

The class started in supta baddha konasana, different from other classes that start in either child’s pose or standing position.  Shortly after we got right into it and began with core work, moving from Navasana to Ardha Navasana.

We did some cool transitions, from three-legged dog, bending the stationary leg and kicking up to the other side.  Or jumping all the way through from three-legged dog to low-lunge and crescent lunge.  Never once did we do warrior 2 or do any typical flow except for Sun A.  I liked this because for some reason, even though it is the most common pose, I feel like my warrior 2 is always funky and incorrect.

A good portion of the class focused on handstands and the proper technique/alignment to set your body up for success prior to your inversion.  Rachel’s direction was very precise plus watching her demonstration was such an inspiration.  She had so much control over her body and her balance was impeccable.

The flow was accompanied by “beats” aka live acoustic music.  The singer had a soft and raspy voice, but it almost reminded me a bit of Jack Johnson.

afterlightThe Yoga Factory itself was very cool.  It has that very “hip and now” industrial feel that I just love.  There was a lot of space which was perfect for the huge class turn-out.  I’m not sure if the “bellini’s” portion happened, or if some people just followed @yoga_girl out for drinks afterwards.  I ended up leaving when most people had already dispersed.  Either way, bellini’s or no bellini’s the class was very exciting, fun and inspirational.

d694fa3add5711e29ebd22000aaa21ed_7Rachel Brathen, me and my knock-off Sincerely Jules DBA tank.

I woke up early this morning to go to yoga, and this was stuck in my head. A little behind (more like 2 years– 2011) I just came across this follow up to “Whole Foods Parking Lot” the other day.

Spring has sprung!  So here are some items on my spring wish list for both running and yoga.  With warmer weather but still cooler mornings, your training and practice will be covered by these Spring Workout Things.springworkoutthingsone – Yogitoes MAYA rSkidless Towel l two – Funky Yoga Tank (similar here; available at some CorePower Yoga locations) l three – Spring Green Nalgene l four – Nike Daybreak Women’s Running Hat l five – Lululemon Run: Stash & Dash Pullover l six – Lululemon Flow And Go Tank II

This morning I had training (where I did my first non-assisted pull-up!) and then went to a meditation yoga class at CorePower.  This class was $25 for non-members, and was crammed to the max.  We were informed of the basics of meditation as well as the benefits.  The main reason most people don’t meditate is because they don’t know how.  And the main reason most people do meditate (when they do) is to relieve stress.  Did you know that our body experiences, on average, a flight-or-fight reaction 8-10 times a day.  This disrupts digestion, and causes the blood cells to move towards the extremities.  The blood thickens and then the heart has to work harder to pump this through.  And when this happens, it takes about 16-36 hours for our bodies to resume a neutral state.  It’s an endless vicious cycle.  Meditating 20 minutes once a day, or better yet, twice a day, will help your body to reach homeostasis more quickly.  As you meditate, you will notice less stress, eventually you will start to glow and more people will be attracted to you.  Then you will be able to shape the world how you want it to be.

There are two different types of meditation we learned about; 1. metta meditation, which has to do with the Buddha and cultivating happiness from within.  2. mindfulness meditation, being present and letting your thoughts come, but labeling them and just letting them pass.  For beginners, it is often the easiest to start with a chant.  Say “so” when you inhale, and “hum” when you exhale.  These are the natural sounds of breath.  They also mean “That I am.”  From here you can move on to a mantra, then to the breath, and once you’ve mastered these, you can focus on the space between the breathes.

As we meditated (for what seemed like forever), I had a hard time concentrating.  With the BOOM BOOM of the music and the voice of the instructor from the Body Sculpt class next door, it wasn’t exactly silent.  Plus, my foot fell asleep and I kept trying to readjust my cross-legged position to bring back the feeling.  But when I finally started to ignore it, I started to get pins and needles!


Later I drove down to meet my mom and go to the Hot Chocolate 5k expo.  It wasn’t anything special.  It was held inside of an older building downtown, and it just seemed kind of dingy and had stained carpets.  There weren’t many vendors –just a couple soliciting time shares, free speculoos, some fondue chocolate dunked marshmallows and hot chocolate.  I did end up buying a 1/4 zip pullover with mesh armpits, because I’m all about letting those babies breathe.


After a long day (of being locked out of my mom’s house) we finally went to dinner at Candelas On The Bay in Coronado, which offers paleo options.  We started with the Tacos de Pato (duck tacos) paleo-fied by being wrapped in jicama.  Then we indulged in La Pesca (the fish of the day) which was a grouper crusted with pistachios served over a crab-stuffed tomato.  It was really nice to have these options, and they were very good!

Favorite running song right now:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The other day at Sprouts I picked up some Minneola tangerines, with the assumption that this was just another name for the Sumo tangerine.  With the same little nob at the top, I didn’t think there could really be more than one varietal.  After eating one, I started to think twice.  The Minneola had a thinner peel, and was a little bit harder to peel.  So I did some googling…  Minneolas are a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo (type of grapefruit).  These have a topknot (where their name “honeybell” comes from) reminiscent of the Sumo tangerines I picked up from Whole Foods not too long ago.  So what’s the difference?  Sumo Tangerines are a mix between tangerines and California navel oranges.  And their name comes from their topknot which resembles a sumo wrestlers.


Post-work I ran back and forth along the coast and coaster tracks until I hit 4 miles – 31:43, about a 7:55/mile.  Mile 1: 7:53, Mile 2: 7:44, Mile 3: 7:59, Mile 4: 8:01.  Listening to my favorite song (above) and second favorite, Mirrors by JT.  After running, I didn’t have much else to do, so I decided to go to HPF 75 min.

Thennnn, I went to the usual Whole Foods where I finally found coconut butter in a jar!  16 ounces of pure creamy, sweetness.  This is my absolute favorite!  I love it on japanese yams, with a little salt and pepper to contrast the sweetness.  It’s also good with regular yams, and now I even like to use it on my omelette as my fat instead of avocado.  When I read that people liked to eat it out of the jar, I didn’t understand.  I wouldn’t go as far as to eat it out of the jar, but I definitely love it.

This morning I woke up at 530AM (insane!).  And went to yoga at 6, finishing just as the sun started to rise. Hot yoga’s a good morning workout because you’ll break a sweat, loosen up your body and still get a workout in without doing anything too intensive.  I can always rely on yoga even when I’m tired.

Post-yoga, I was up and ready for the day– a whole 30 minutes to spare before I normally wake up.  I  picked up some donuts to take to work that I couldn’t eat and successfully resisted.  I did refrained from getting any apple fritters because I knew that would be sheer torture.


Revelation of the day: I went to Target and got bored.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  Who doesn’t love Target?  I went after work just to kill time and I found myself incessantly wandering and wanting to leave.  Maybe because 1. I just went last Thursday (hehe) 2. I pretty much bought everything I needed last week 3. the inventory for everything I was interested in was low or nonexistent.

However, one of my favorite recent discoveries is the decorative candle section (different from the air freshener section with candles by Febreeze, Air Wick, etc).  Target has stepped its game up with some cute packaging and nice scents.  And this just feeds my indecisiveness.  With so many different brands that each have their own scents, containers, and sizes, I end up smelling so much I can’t smell anything anymore!  One of my favorite and new (to me) concepts is lighting a candle in my bathroom in addition to my room.  This just gives it a nice spa effect, especially when you’re showering.


I woke up, several times last night, ready to go (first time being at 1am). However, 6:30am is still dark outside!  Uninformed are those who haven’t done an early morning workout since January -_- .  I ended up waiting until there was some sunlight around 6:50am.  Then I was only able to fit in 2 miles, as my first mile was so s l ooooooooooo w!  10 min/mile pace!  I’ve learned it literally takes me an entire mile to warm up.  Luckily, my second mile, at 7:44/mile, reassured me I could still run.  Morning workouts make you feel so accomplished–but they can be so hard to get used to.



After work I finished the day off with yoga.  I’m always so surprised at the amount I sweat!  Below is an intention I want to set for everyday.  To have determination when the sun rises, and be calm and content when the sun sets.




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