Quest Protein Bar Giveaway!

Every long run, every race needs to be fueled for sustained endurance.  That’s why every early morning I’m running, (sometimes while I’m still in bed) I’m reaching for a Quest Bar.  They’re a simple and fast fuel fix.  I can eat them as close as 15 minutes before a run and not have any digestive issues.  Plus I don’t hate on having a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast (my favorites are still choc. chip cookie and white choc. raspberry)!

If you haven’t jumped on the Quest Bar bandwagon…it’s one you need to get on.  Quest Bars are my favorite because they are comprised of both quality and quantity.  Meaning they’re high protein bars with little ingredients, and it takes me longer than 30 seconds to ingest.  Plus I’m sure you’ve seen their versatility all over the healthy-living webosphere.  They have the ability to transform into pop tarts, cookies, pies, etc.

So what does this all mean for you?  Well, today I’ve partnered up with Quest Nutrition to hopefully get some of you hooked on Quest too.

TWO winners will each win a Quest Bar 12 Flavor Sampler Pack + two bars of White Chocolate Raspberry + two bars of Double Chocolate Chunk + two packs of Peanut Butter Cups