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This past Tuesday (October 22) I took the 3 hour (with traffic) drive up to Santa Monica from SD. The day started out cloudy, but the sun eventually broke through beautifully.


FitBlog LA was the biggest celebrity shock I’ve received; from Tony Horton, Alyse Levine, Harley Pasternak, to some of my favorite blogger idols.

Previous celebrity excitements have included witnessing the top of Kim Kardashian’s sock bun at the SD Zoo, yelling at Michael Cera through a tent at ComiCon and kissing the cheek of who would years later become “VH1’s America’s Most Smartest Model” at a Maroon 5 concert when I was 15. What can I say? I try hard.


All of these celebrity sightings/experiences added together do not even come close to the excitement of sitting in the same room as Skinny Runner, Run Eat Repeat, Blogilates and Eco Vegan Gal (I still need to check her out!). I feel like these bloggers are “tangible celebrities,” because you feel like you know them, and you know you could run into one someday.


Other amazing and informational speakers included:


Tony Horton – The New Way to Workout
Tony Horton was ridiculously vascular. And 55. He talked about the HIT trend (working multiple body parts at once).

He believes in the combination of intensity (6-8 on a scale of 1-10), variety (working outside your comfort zone) and consistency (schedule 7 a week with room to miss, but get at least 22 workouts a month)…basically P90X.

If you focus on skill (such as exercises with a bosu ball, stability ball, and/or medicine ball) your functional fitness will increase, and before you know it, you will have reached your fitness goals.

Some other interesting points:

  • Don’t stick to food philosophy like religion.
  • Eat healthy 80-90% of the time, but allow some room for release valves.


Alyse Levine – Ditch the Food Rules – and Eat What You Love
Alyse started with the fact that external food rules prevent people from losing weight. Most people don’t have a healthy relationship with food.  Several factors influence our relationship with food: 1. Family, 2. Friends, 3. Media.

An endless cycle starts when you are deprived and unsatisfied. We create the notion of “bad food” but this makes it the “forbidden fruit.” When you do fall off your restricted diet, your more likely to fall hard because you will get to get your fill (binge) because you don’t know the next time you will eat it (fear of future deprivation). When you remove deprivation you will crave it less.

Alyse advocates eating “CLEAN” – it’s all about a shift in mindset
C – Choose real food (look at ingredients. Fewer = better)
L – Lose diet mindset
E – Eat mindfully (be present)
A – Assess hunger (figure out why you’re eating…are you physically hungry?)
N – No deprivation (100% freedom of foods)

Some other interesting points:

  • Counting calories is not effective because needs fluctuate. For example, when you’re PMSing, your body temperature is higher and you have a higher metablic need. However, when you eat more than you need, your body stores excess fuel as fat. The solution is to look at how much fuel you need, vs. what kind it is (protein, sugar, carbs, etc.)


Harley Pasternak – The New Way to Lose Weight
Harley was very informative and knowledgeable with a background in personal training (of the celebs), nutritionist, and scientist. He’s the author behind the 5 Factor Diet (I just ordered) and the Body Reset Diet (available in 2014).
Harley says that as a society, we are over-exercising but under-active. We are intense in all of the wrong ways. He advocates chronic movement, such as 12,000 steps a day and resistance training. Resistance training should be done like antibiotics: a specific dosage, intensity and frequency. He believes the emergence of boot camp classes to be the bastardized versions of resistance training (“kitchen sink approach” – everything thrown together with no rhyme or reason).  3 simple ways to keep off the weight: 12k steps a day, graze and not gorge, and at least 5 minutes of resistance training a day (e.g. walking lunges).

Some other interesting points:

  • Our bodies do not need to be “cleansed.” Our body resets cells in the digestive tract every 90 days. So for example, juice cleanses are ineffective because they do not create satiety.
  • All components of fruit work together to be bio-available in the body.
  • Smoothies are a better alternative than pressed juices because when you blend food, it makes the minerals available and easier to use. The blades also puff up the ingredients and make them expanded. This higher volume will help to make you feel full.

It was a great day that flew by!  We got hooked up with some mad swag too…I think I’ll have to do a post just on that.  Stay tuned!