Last week I received the news….”regrettably, we are unable to accept your application…”

And while my goal (since I qualified) was to run Boston, I feel like I always had a tinge of doubt that my time would be fast enough to make it. 3:34:32 — what a bittersweet time.

When I set out to run Mountains 2 Beach earlier this spring, I had no idea I had anything close inside of me to qualify for Boston. My goal was to run a good time, with the subset of qualifying for Boston as result of that.

Secretly I wished there would be a general decline in racing. With marathons that used to rely on the lottery system accepting all registrations, I hoped there would be an overall lack of interest in racing anymore.

However, after reading the Runner’s World article before I even entered my registration, I knew I would probably be at least 30 seconds to a minute short. Come to find out, I was exactly 2 minutes, with BAA accepting applications up to 3:32:32 for my gender and age group.

Although I wish I could be running Boston with Kate and the rest of my club that qualified, I’m not bummed.

All I can say is: M2B round 2.



A couple weeks ago, I received a once in a lifetime opportunity — to run the New York City Marathon.  However, after spending much of the summer not (really) running, I knew this would be a challenge.

Going into this I established that my goal is not a time goal, but rather to make this race as enjoyable as possible.  And by that I mean not completely miserable.  So my training plan reflects just that…

After talking with my coach Jim, we decided that instead of setting mileage for long runs, we’re focusing on time.  So whether I run 15 miles in 3 hours or 20 miles, it’s just about spending extended periods of time on my feet.

In general I’ve increased my weekly mileage from running 2-3 times a week to at least 4 times (including 1 long run).  The reason being that when you train for a marathon you want to run at least 4 times a week so that your long run isn’t such a large percentage of your total weekly mileage.

So far I’ve completed a 13 miler, 15 miler and 19 miler.  With just 3 more long runs until the race (Nov 1), I’ve got another 3 hour run this Saturday, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon (with another 6 miles to tack on before or after), a 70 minute taper, and then race day!



Last week I met up with some of my favorite bloggers at the Bzees x Athleta Sip + Style event.


Already a fan of Bzees (my favorite “grocery shopping shoe”), we were introduced to the new Fall line which brought in a lot of 70’s flair, natural elements and subdued tones.  Even with the new designs, Bzees has kept its comfort the same through air-infused outsoles, free foam footbeds, dynamic stretch uppers making them literally feel like clouds on your feet.  #lightfeelsright


Not only did we score a free pair of Bzees, but we also got to enjoy sushi bites from Blue Ocean, sips from California Fruit Wine (wine made from fruit other than grapes) and my favorite part…PHOTOBOOTH pics!!  Athleta stylists also helped us pair our new Bzees with their cozy fall staples, taking athleisure to the next level.


Proceeds from the evening also went back to the Autism Tree Project Foundation, making this fun night of mixing and mingling with other local bloggers even better too!


It’s weird writing a week in review post (late) when a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks that changes your perspective on the past. I’m currently stressed, (somewhat) depressed and distracted, all while preparing for our second biggest event of the year for work.


And as I feel some instability in my life, all of this comes with the regained focus on running. On September 17th I received an entry and agreed to run the NYC Marathon…in less than 50 days (now even closer — it’s on Nov 1st…eek!). I think cramming in a marathon when you just wrote a post about “the summer I didn’t run” deserves a blog all in itself. More on this later…



My one saving grace these past couple of weeks have been my incredible friends, namely London and Kendall. These are the friends who have become “moms,” “roommates” (because we all don’t actually live together) and sisters.

It’s also been Andy — who I conned into running 13 miles when she only wanted to do 8, and Elisa and Kate, who helped split and pass the 16 miles I ran last Saturday at 6:10am. And Kelli, for being the most thoughtful person and sending gifts in the mail unbeknownst to me.



On the lighter, more uplifting and less-vague side, I went to KAABOO, the new music festival in Del Mar for one night with the girls. Then, the following Monday Kendall and I went to the Glass Animals concert and stayed for all of about 20 minutes of their performance (just to hear Gooey and bounce).


IMG_8613 2


I went to the Bzees x Athleta event with a buncha other blogger babes (recap to come) and then we went camping in Sano where London and I found our new calling as “Professional Tandem Surfers.” Mind you, we kind of suck as solo surfers to start with, why not add another level of difficulty (but also reduce expectations :-P).

Weekly Workout Recap (9/13-9/19):
Sun – 8.25 mi
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – Yoga Sculpt
Fri – Rest
Sat – 13 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 27.25 mi
Hours cross-training: 2 hours
2015 miles: 1031.25 mi

Weekly Workout Recap (9/20-9/26):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tues – 6 mi
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 7 mi
Fri – Rest
Sat – 16 miles
Total Weekly Mileage: 29 mi
2015 miles: 1060.25 mi



San Diego Restaurant Week returns this fall, starting tomorrow, September 20th! Running 1 week (until the 27th) the theme this season is “Celebrate Local!”

I was so excited to preview the San Diego Restaurant Week at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. This is seriously one of my favorite restaurants in SD (remember when London and I had a Happy Hour Made Healthy there?).

Boasting fresh local seafood and the most amazing view (think San Diego skyline and Coronado Bridge), this restaurant (especially the outdoor deck) feels like it’s floating above the San Diego Bay.


For San Diego Restaurant Week, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse has 2 different menus — one for lunch (2 courses for $15) and one for dinner (3 courses for $40). The SDRW menu features regular menu items, giving you the chance to taste the restaurant’s specialities. And it also means, if you fall in love with a specific dish, you can always go back and get it again :)

I can honestly tell you that anything you order from the SDRW menu is a real treat. We were seriously spoiled and sampled everything (that’s 6 appetizers, 4 entrees) from the SDRW menu.

Let’s start with the starters:


House Ceviche – (salmon), avocado, lime, cliantro and corn chips. I’ve never had salmon ceviche before so I thought this was really unique (and flavorful).


Calamari – chili lime honey sauce. The calamari was very thick and meaty, with a lightly fried coating and a spicy-sweet yet tangy dipping sauce. Needless to say these were addicting.


Crudo – (Yellowfin), citrus, California olive oil, sea salt. The touch of sea salt really enhanced the freshness and the flavor of the Yellowfin. The orange segments made everything really bright, and the slivers of chili peppers gave it an uplifting bite.

Tenderloin Tips – with pistachios and a salad of arugula, frisee, blue cheese, bacon, balsamic reduction. This appetizer was like a mini entree! The tenderloin tips were small but packed with a hearty flavor, complimented nicely with all the different flavors in the side salad.


Little Gem Caesar – Spanish anchovies, house croutons, pecorino. This salad was very pungent, topped with full-on anchovies (can’t lie, I used to be a heavy anchovy connoisseur in my childhood). It was a unique take on the traditional Caesar.


Baby Kale and Local Apple – Hooks 10yr aged cheddar, peppered bacon, wholegrain mustard vinaigrette. This salad had all the right elements — sweet, savory and peppery!

And for the entrees:


Local Yellowtail – haricot verts, butter poached pearl potatoes, sauce vierge. Caught daily, this buttery fish was topped with a refreshing sauce vierge.


Paella – Saffron rice, fish, shrimp, chicken, chorizo, mussels, clams, peas, peppers. This mediterranean dish has a local flair, utilizing the freshest ingredients like Carlsbad mussels.


Mary’s Half Brick Chicken – Mary’s chicken, preserved Meyer lemon couscous, cirspy Dijon brussel sprouts, pomegranate mint gastrique. This dish was somewhat Thanksgiving-esque in flavor. The chicken was cooked perfectly, juicy with a little bit of crunch on the exterior, contrasted with the little pearly texture of the couscous.


Filet of Rib Eye – 8oz Kobe Beef filet, smashed potato, green beans, bordelaise. This dish was rich in all the right ways. Tender and juicy with a deep and robust flavor, this filet was stand-alone good, but further enhanced by scooping up a little bit of everything in one bite.

If there is one restaurant that encompasses the “Celebrate Local” theme, it’s Tom Ham’s Lighthouse. Their locally sourced ingredients are evident and highlighted on their menu. We spoke with Chef Kyle who informed us that the Yellowtail is caught daily (we got to try this two different ways), the mussels are from Carlsbad, and all other ingredients, if not completely local, are selected from the freshest purveyor possible.

So make sure you don’t miss out on Tom Ham’s Lighthouse during San Diego Restaurant week.

Tom Ham’s Lighthouse
2150 Harbor Island Dr
San Diego, CA 92101


Thank you to Tom Ham’s Lighthouse for hosting me! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


For bright and glowing skin…literally. When you create a thick, blue box mac ‘n cheese consistency, pasty mask with 8x as much turmeric as you’re supposed to…your skin will turn yellow and you’ll definitely be glowing!

So, my brother told me about a concoction he’s been using lately to clear up his skin and blemishes. This past week my skin has gotten awful. Like pubescent awful. In desperate need for anything to help clear up my skin, I decided to try this. However, not receiving any type of specific recipe, I decided to tool around to create my own (and con London into doing it too).


Not realizing until our fingers had already been dyed yellow that our faces would soon be too. Luckily, with some soap and some make-up wipes, the yellow came off, and we were left with soft skin. And I swear it helped reduce the inflammation and clear up my forehead filled with dots…

Coconut Curry Skin Mask
1 Tbsp. turmeric**
3 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. water
2 Tbsp. coconut flout
1 Tsp. raw unfiltered honey

  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until well combined.  Add more liquid or powder substances as necessary to achieve the desired consistency.
  2. On clean, dry skin, use your fingers to coat your face and create a mask.  Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Using warm water, rinse off the mask.

**Our suggestion would be to reduce the amount of turmeric used, or be ready for yellow damage control!!


I seriously cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago a few of the Finish Line Women (me, Fit Andy, Evann and Angela) found out we’d be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. In reality, it was around June, and I felt like I had all the time in the world to get back on the training wagon. And while I’ve still been running (around 15-20 miles a week), ideally I’d like to (at the very least) get back into consistent 20-30 mile weeks.

Even with my best intentions of sticking to a plan, lately I have been “the worst.”  So I’m going to put it out in public… here is my training plan and goals for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on October 18th!


Training Plan —
Mon – PM run
Tues – PM run
Wed – PM Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – AM run + AM Yoga Sculpt
Fri – Rest or AM Yoga Sculpt
Sat – Long run
Sun – Rest

Goals —
A goal – Overall PR, sub 1:40
B goal – Course PR ~1:45
C goal – Finish strong in the 1:40-1:50 range.

This will be my first half marathon of the year (yikes! when did I stop racing?!). With this increase in running activity, stay tuned for more running focused posts! (yes this might actually return in a “health and fitness” blog 😛 )


Thanks to Finish Line for the opportunity to run this race again, as well as Nike and GoPro for hooking it up FAT!!  Stay tuned, hopefully I can share some training runs captured on my new GoPro Hero4 Session!


This week you’ll see the reoccurring theme of going out to eat. A lot. Even right now, I’m sitting in Better Buzzed, blogging and eating an acai bowl that I obviously didn’t make.

My fridge is completely empty and I finally threw away all of the food that expired (yet I let sit in there until I was ready to take out the trash). My goal was to make a meal plan for the week, but I have no inspiration for cooking or for planning lunch. I want something healthy, yet filling, low-carb, yet satiating. Why is this so hard?!


After a very long weekend (Labor Day), it was time to get back to reality. My intentions were to hit the week hard with a good workout. However, I ended up stopping at Kendall’s house before she left for her week-long vacation, where she ended up convincing me to ditch my workout and eat pizza instead. London joined us and we continued to hang at the house, watch the sunset, bike for popsicles and mob around. In the span of 20 minutes London managed to: run her bike into a parked truck, drop her popsicle on the ground *insert crying-laughing emoji face*

Wednesday night I went to my favorite yoga sculpt teacher’s class (Zac at YogaSix if you go). I feel like if I’m able to make 2 of his classes a week, I’ll be set. They are so intense, and it’s one of the only classes that makes me completely drenched and feeling 100x better (and more fit, especially when I start to question my fitness) after I leave. London and I were going to meet up for a “skinny girl dinner” (which basically means smoothies), but after we hung up the phone with each other, we both knew that wasn’t going to happen and instead decided on Fish 101 (for tacos and seaweed salad).


Thursday morning I slept in a little later than I should’ve to go on a run. But I knew my nighttime plans of my photoshoot with Danny would not allot for a workout, so I hit the trails running at 8am (and already at 85 degrees…). After work I met Danny in the San Elijo Lagoon where we were eaten alive by mosquitos. Our tradition after shoots is to always go out to eat, so I took him to The Fish Shop for tacos and seaweed salads (…my latest obsession).

Friday morning I met up with Elisa for another warm run. Luckily the sun didn’t break through while we were out, so it just felt like the warmer part of a cool fall morning (if that makes sense). I think my thirst (and the heat) caught up with me this day because I felt like I could not replenish my body with enough water or electrolytes. My head went into a daze and after work it only seemed appropriate to rehydrate with some beer from Culture Brewing. Later my boyfriend and I went out to “our spot,” aka Bangkok Bay, for our favorite date night location.




Saturday morning I slept in too late after not too much activity Friday, picked up London and headed down to Chronic Smoothies Blazin Grill in PB for a little blogger babes lunch. It’s been a while since we’ve all met up so it was great to try a new place (to us) with refreshing acai and pitaya bowls. Later London and I went to The Fish Shop for an early dinner (lolol 2 times per week is my usual) before stopping by Said Space for a photography show. I called it an early night with my sights set on an early morning weekend run (really trying to make these happen now).


This morning (Sunday) I successfully managed a run that ended up being pretty enjoyable. I went a familiar yet new route (including some miles on the beach) and found myself just trying to chase the shade. My reward on the way home was to stop at 7/11 and pick up some ICE COLD WATER!!! I met up with London for breakfast at Mozy’s Cafe (plantain breakfast burritos…mmm) before hitting the beach, BBQing at Kendall’s house, and now working at Better Buzzed.

My goals for this week: BUY GROCERIES. Make all my planned workouts. And try and stay cool.

My question for you: What should I make for lunch this week?

Weekly Workout Recap (9/6-9/12):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – 6 mi
Fri – 8 mi
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 14 mi
Hours cross-training: 1 hour
2015 miles: 1004 mi


Or rather, barely ran.

Since my last race was in May and I was able to achieve what I set out to do (BQ), it’s been no secret I’ve taken quite a break from running this summer. My dad even asked me the other day, “looks like there’s a lot of ‘rest’ days lately…” So, yes. While I still try to run 20-30 15-20 miles a week, other activities have popped up and I’ve tried to capitalize on new opportunities to stay fit and have fun. Whether you’re a runner or not, here are a few ideas on how to stay in shape during the summer months, especially when you go from something so intense (such as marathon training), to feeling like you’re doing nothing…


Cross-train: for me right now (and I keep saying it over and over…but it is NOT supposed to be 90+ degrees in San Diego), running outdoors is unbearable. Luckily, there is hot yoga available (hahah — I guess from one heated extreme to the next…at least hot yoga is supposed to be hot!). I’ve been incorporating some regular flow and bootcamp classes into my schedule, something I seriously lacked during marathon training.

Other ideas: find other (indoor) gym classes such as BODYPUMP, spin, etc.


Try other activities: yassss bro, right now I’m like the ultimate surfer girl. Jk. But this summer my boyfriend taught me how to surf and now I’m completely obsessed. Jumping in the water is like 100x better than running in the scorching sun on a Saturday morning (because we all know I haven’t been doing those lately…).


We’ve also been camping, hiking and just getting outdoors in general a ton, which makes you feel refreshed, healthy and active, keeping things fun without making it feel like you’re purposefully “working out.”

Other ideas: swim laps in a pool, swim in the ocean/open water, ride bikes, etc.


How do you stay in shape during the summer months?



Wooo! We’ve officially entered the best month ever (my bday month!!). It was a pretty busy week, running errands and getting ready for the even busier weekend that was ahead.


Tuesday I got my lashes done at the new Blink Lash Boutique location! I consider myself low-maintenance and would prefer to never wear makeup (specifically mascara because if you’ve ever watched me apply this, you know I have issues). However, I have deemed the process of getting eyelash extensions high-maintenance to become more low-maintenance. It’s seriously the best thing to go from working out, to shower, to ready-to-go within a couple minutes, and eyelash extensions make it possible.

On Thursday I turned 25! And waited until the last possible moment to renew my driver’s license 😛 I spent the morning at the DMV, and the later afternoon running errands with Kendall (bless her heart for tagging along with me everywhere 😛 ). I capped the night with a special birthday dinner at Blue Ribbon Pizzeria with my boyfriend :-)




Friday I took the day off work and there seemed to be no slowing down. From driving my kiddos to work (now a morning nanny some days of the week in addition to my full time job) to running 6 miles in the lagoon, to driving downtown with Kendall for brunch at Mary Janes inside the Hard Rock Hotel (to redeem her gift certificate), to bday desserts to-go at Extraordinary Desserts (to redeem her gift card), to my hair appointment to Costco, to Party City (for last minute decorations). So many things to do and places to go! Finally, while still in a crunch, I bought an excessive amount of meat from El Nopalito (think 12lbs for what I thought would be 20 people but ended up being much less….) it was time to prepare for my “space-themed” quarter century extravaganza. It was a great night filled with a lot of BBQing, Jojo’s favorite drinks (beer and mimosas) and all my best friends.


Saturday we managed a few hours at the beach and tested out my new neso beach tent from Logan and Elisa before heading off to a rehearsal dinner.




Sunday I popped by Kendall’s BBQ before running to get ready for another wedding! With the Point Loma Naval Base as the venue, it was a beautiful setting to dance and celebrate my boyfriend’s Uncles marriage, under a starry summer night.



And on Labor Day we went to the track and enjoyed the last day of the races followed by a Party at the Paddock, or in our case, party above the Paddock 😉

This week my goal is to get back into long Saturday runs. I need need need to start doing more mileage in an attempt to get back into real training mode and conquer the Nike Women’s Half Marathon coming wayyy too soon.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/31-8/5):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Yoga Sculpt + 5 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – 10 mi
Fri – 6 mi
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 21 mi
Hours cross-training: 2 hours
2015 miles: 990 mi



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