Last week was definitely an active one–bouncing from racing and hiking, to a long weekend run and bike riding around town. I’m definitely enjoying getting up into the upper teens for long runs, and the freedom to do whatever I please and whatever the rest of the day brings. Saturday’s run was somewhat of an adventure, turning down single track paths and hidden alleyways, and running down streets that I just wanted to bottle up the scent and feel.  Currently at a conference in Livermore, so blogging will be sparse (as it kind of always is now)…

Happy Hump Day!

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – California 10/20 Race + 6 mi hike
Mon – Three Sisters Hike
Tues – Rest, bowling
Wed – 5 mi
Thurs – 3 mi + 1600m swim
Fri – Rest
Sat – 16mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 34 mi running + 10 mi hiking
Weekly Swim Distance: 1600m
2015 miles: 235.8 mi




When I don’t bring my own lunch to work, I don’t run into the issue of making unhealthy options. I run into the issue of making healthy options and paying a fortune for them (#wholepaycheck).

I am definitely not as good as I used to be about meal prep, and basically make everything on a day-to-day basis, usually the morning-of.  I also run into the issue of not cooking as much as I used to, so I don’t like to buy groceries that will eventually just go to waste.

So, I’m starting to find things that are easy to throw together that are healthy and taste great. I used to not be into sandwiches, but now they’re one of my go-to lunch options. Paired with a simple spinach salad (dressed in blood orange EVOO – yum!), it’s always a great combo.

Here’s a recipe I’ve recently added to my arsenal. A healthy tuna fish salad sandwich using greek yogurt (yay) instead of mayo (ew).

Simple Tuna Fish Sandwich
via The Healthy Foodie
1/4 cup 0% fat greek plain yogurt
1 tsp Dijon Mustard
1 Tbsp Old Style whole grain mustard
1/4 tsp black pepper
1 celery rib, finely chopped
1 Tbsp Italian parsley
1 pinch cayenne pepper
1 tsp lemon juice
1 can chunk light tuna fish, in water
2 slices whole grain bread of your choice
a handful of spinach

  1. Add all the ingredients except tuna in a small mixing bowl and mix until well blended. Stir in drained tuna and mix well.
  2. Spread mixture onto one slice of bread. Garnish with spinach and top with second slice of bread.
  3. Serve immediately.



Right after the California 10/20  last Sunday, I headed home to pack up for an overnight adventure to Cuyamaca/Julian.

After being redirected several times on highway 79, we finally made it to Paso Picacho Campgrounds. The campgrounds were quiet but we learned that the big crowds had been there Friday and Saturday night.  Being somewhat unprepared, we didn’t bring enough cash and ended up scavenging for coins to pay the $30 overnight fee, eventually having it lowered to the Senior rate ($28) and even borrowing some change from Ranger Grace.

IMG_4702 IMG_4625

Wet set up camp, grubbed on some snacks, and grabbed some incognito beers for our campground hike. We decided to go on a 3 mile loop, which ended up being much more of an excursion, starting at 3pm and leaving us out there collecting firewood until after 6:30pm. Don’t know exactly what happened there!


For dinner we cooked up some of my favorite soup, Amy’s Organic Red Bean and Rice, topped with a slice of pepper jack cheese and El Nopalito tortilla chips.


The next morning we woke up to the sounds of birds pecking at trees and howls from our neighboring campers. We made a french press coffee and oatmeal breakfast, and then packed up to head out for the Three Sisters Hike in Julian. We started around 12:30pm, and passed a lot of people coming out of the hike. The Three Sisters Hike is considered “expert,” and rightly so. Steep soft patches of sand, rope sections, and literal rock climbing made this a fairly intense hike. I ended up scrambling for most of it!


But at the bottom of the valley we finally arrived at three waterfalls, or “The Three Sisters.” By this time it was around 2:30pm and fairly warm. We climbed to the top waterfall and jumped into the cold pond, and swam behind the fall into a little grotto. We brought light snacks, some apples, baby Larabars, and “bear crackers” (aka Mary’s Gone Crackers seed crackers).


Going down into the valley presented a lesser challenge than going back up. The soft sand, or “sands of hell” were so tough, I was literally crawling, claiming I would rather run a full marathon at that point than have to continue to crawl for the next .1 mile. We finished with tight quads and calves, and an appetite for some dinner.


It wasn’t too long until we found ourselves in Julian at the Julian Cafe, drinking water out of boots (lolz) and eating some homestyle cowboy food. And before we left we made sure to grab 2 full Mom’s Pies (one chicken, one apple boysenberry crumble) to-go :-P Overall, it was a fun overnight adventure close enough to home without feeling so.


Where’s your favorite place to hike and/or camp?






This past week was filled with a few of my favorite things: hoppy beer (Hoppy Beer, Hoppy Life shirt here), BOWLING!, 2-course liquid breakfasts (fresh green juice and black coffee), lobster dinners, and plenty of adventures.  P.S. this t-shirt and palm tree picture overlay is a cool trick London showed me on the photo editing app, Afterlight, and now I’m obsessed!


Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Rest
Mon – 1600 m swim, bowling
Tues – 8 mi run, 1600m swim
Wed – 8 mi
Thurs – 3.5 mi, 1600 m swim
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 19.5 mi
Weekly Swim Distance: 4800m
2015 miles: 201.8 mi



The California 10/20 is a 10 mile race filled with 20 bands.  This year there seemed to be a lot more traffic getting to the race. Plans to arrive at 6:45am quickly turned into 7:15. And at 7:30, Erin and I were still in the bathroom. We hopped in the back of corral 6 and seemed to be running around walkers right from the get-go. As we weaved around, we settled into what seemed like a quick pace, but was still around ~9 min miles. Eventually, we got out of the crowds and were able to let our legs roll.

We decided to just make it a fun and casual run. However, towards the end, we started to really crank it and get competitive. It was a fun run, and we chatted the entire time. Seeing some of our running club at the turn-around point definitely gave me a needed boost of motivation. The sun was out, the weather was warm, and I was definitely sweating!

I ended up with 1:19:18 as my final time (7:50 pace), 8th in my age group, 70th female and 253 out of 2,720 total.

I didn’t get to stay around for any of the fun, and quickly left for a camping trip short after (more on this later :) )


Splits according to my Garmin:
1 – 9:11
2 – 8:13
3 – 7:53
4 – 7:43
5 – 7:41
6 – 7:44
7 – 7:53
8 – 7:56
9 – 7:04
10 – 7:04
Last .13 – 0:48



I have high friends in high places that work with pretty cool brands like Foot Cardigan :-P That, and I guess I’m kind of a cool blogger? lolol :-P :-P

Foot Cardigan is a monthly sock subscription, which is like the best thing ever. If you know me, I loooooove patterned socks, maybe a little too much #treatyoself.  Foot Cardigan makes it exciting, sending you random socks every month.  Plus the website is really funny — see for yourself.


Basically, it’s an awesome gift (for you or someone else), the socks are really soft, and who says you can’t base your entire outfit off of what socks you’re wearing?  I know I do!  And (ahem) you can still hook someone up with a subscription for Valentine’s Day with their printable PDF gift certificates (also funny).


What’s your #treatyoself item? // Best Valentine’s Day Gift?





Of note this past week – a solid long run followed by my top 3 breakfast burrito (or rather wrap) at Mr. T’s Cafe. Another open water swim with Gary and Marc (I think I’m ready to bite the bullet and buy a wetsuit!). Dollar mimosas (again!) at Flat Rock (the best place for drinks) and a fun blogger babes “Gal-entine’s Day” dinner party hosted by Avery.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Cardiff Kook Run 5k
Mon – 4 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – 7 mi
Thurs – 4.5 mi
Fri – 5.2 mi
Sat – 15 mi + 0.5 mi open water swim
Total Weekly Mileage: 38.8 mi
Weekly Swim Distance: 800 m
2015 miles: 182.3 mi


Lately I’ve been making a concerted effort to remember to drink green smoothies after my morning workouts.  Right now this is my go-to green smoothie to make, combining a ton of greens, protein, and maca for an added boost of energy!


Get up & glowing green smoothie
2 cups almond milk
1 cup frozen fruit
2-3 cups baby spinach
1 scoop protein powder
1 tsp. Sol Raiz Organics maca powder

  1. Place everything in a blender and blend until you reach a nice and smooth consistency.

What do you eat or drink right after a workout?



On Superbowl Sunday I ran the Cardiff Kook Run 5k. It’s one of my favorite local races, with the same exact course of the Encinitas Turkey Trot. Last year I ran it for the first time, doing the 10k, but as I’ve learned, I do not like the 10k distance. I find it to be really challenging distance to pace. Even in workouts, I find myself faltering too easily between too fast and too slow for a 10k pace.

Lately I’ve become pretty confident with the 5k distance. However, I didn’t change my training schedule, and preceded to run 14.5 miles the day before.  Needless to say, this made me a little sore to start.

The 5k started at 8:55am and since it was self-seeded, we lined up right in the front of the pack.  I started my “Turkey Trot” list, which has just become my hip hop/running playlist since my last 5k on T-Day.

It ended up being a beautifully warm and perfect first day of February, and the perfect precursor to enjoying the Super Bowl! ;-)

I ended up running 21:05, placing 2nd in the age group and 6th female overall.

Splits according to my Garmin (21:05):

1 – 6:45
2 – 6:57
3 – 6:57
Last .10 -0:25




I love marathon training.  It makes eating (massive breakfast burritos) and (day) drinking $1 mimosas that much more enjoyable.  This weekend I did just about that.


Saturday I got my haircut (it’s been since last July and it’s grown quite a bit) and then celebrated Julie’s birthday at the Fish Shop with some onion rings and donuts (classic, but not).  Sunday I ran the Cardiff Kook Run with some friends (recap to come) and hung out/finally opened my Santa Barbara growler for Super Bowl!




All-in-all it was another great weekend, and life is just good! :-P

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – 6.5 mi
Mon – 5 mi
Tues – 2000m swim + 3.75 mi run
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 6.25 mi + 2400m swim
Fri – Rest
Sat – 14.5 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 36 mi
Weekly Swim Distance: 4400m
2015 miles: 143.5 mi



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