On Sunday, November 16th I ran the Celebration Run Half Marathon. Earlier this year, before we even knew each other, Avery–who handled marketing for the race–reached out to me to participate as a blog ambassador. Ironically, the race fell on her bday too (HBD Aves!).

Since it was the inaugural year, this race was smaller than many others I’ve run, but it was well organized, and really well run, especially for being it’s first year.


I have never really run around Mission Bay, so I honestly don’t even know where we ran.  However, the course was flat for the most part, except for 4 overpasses that resulted in a few climbs.

Originally, Andy and I decided we would just run to run and approach it like a long Saturday SSRC run. However, mid-way I started to feel good, so I just ran based off feeling. Around mile 11 I started to just get bored in general and knew if I ran faster, I would finish faster.

With the Fit Foodie 5K the day before, and then this race, I realized I have gotten good at choosing people to race with/pick off. Throughout the race I chose certain people in front of me to either keep in sight, or to eventually get in front of. By the end I had successfully beaten all 3 of my designated people.


The race finished in the sand, which I surprisingly ran well on, as I kind of bounced and bounded (I think treading through the “quicksand” in the San Elijon Lagoon helped with that). At the finish line bikini clad girls and board short boys handed out medals (of which I made a serious effort to have the hottest guy give me my medal ahaha).

Afterwards we sat in the VIP area where we enjoyed catered BREAKFAST BURRITOS (HELLOOOOOO), fresh fruit and coffee.


I ended up running a 1:45:01 and placing 2nd in my age group.  Taking the pressure out of racing to perform, it turned out to be a fun and successful race weekend!

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin:
Mile 1 – 8:05
Mile 2 – 8:05
Mile 3 – 7:54
Mile 4 – 7:57
Mile 5 – 8:02
Mile 6 – 8:10
Mile 7 – 8:03
Mile 8 – 7:47
Mile 9 – 8:06
Mile 10 – 7:59
Mile 11 – 7:51
Mile 12 – 7:51
Mile 13 – 7:30
Last .25 1:38



Hello from my new house! Today is my second morning in the house, and the second morning I’ve woken up naturally before 7am. Although a lot has changed in the past couple of days, my heart feels happy and my mind at ease.

This place offers so much fresh air, so much natural light, it just welcomes health and productivity (something I’ve been missing lately, especially in my vagabond lifestyle!). Pictures to come after London puts the finishing touches on it!




The past week was a slower one, with a lot of nights just working on getting everything together. Friday morning was a busy day, starting bright and early as we set up our cheering station in Del Mar to welcome the start of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk as they embarked on their 60 mile journey. That afternoon I had an interview for a potential new project (don’t want to jinx it!) and then my dad arrived in town. After some lunch at Craft and Commerce, it was time to kick Friday night off in honor of Avery’s birthday celebration!

Saturday it was time to move move move, and honestly, hiring movers was one of the best and easiest decisions I’ve ever made. It made the move so fast and efficient.


I’m so excited for this next step, next chapter of my life. I’m excited to step out my door and run a mile to the coast. I’m excited to wake up and drink green juice in my bed, or sip coffee on my porch. I’m excited to hang out on my chaise lounge with the fire burning in one corner, and Portlandia playing in the other. And I’m excited to get back to being me.

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Celebration Run 13.1 mi
Mon – 4 mi
Tues – Rest
Wed – 5.5 mi
Thurs – Rest
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 22.6 mi
2014 Miles YTD: 1,358.6 mi



“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Ashleigh will run circles around you with a breakfast burrito in one hand, Garmin on the other. The 24-year old San Diego blogger has got the scoop on the latest races, running tips and recipes on her blog Daily Cup of Asheejojo. Our feet hurt just reading it.”  –This is probably the best introduction I’ve ever received/read!

Stop by the Finish Line blog to check out everything on my holiday wish list!



The Fit Foodie 5k is part of one whole weekend dedicated to Food & Fitness. This Saturday race started at 8:30am in front of the Hilton Bayfront in Downtown San Diego. London, Andy and I opted to pick-up our packets and bibs the day-of, and were able to do this around 7:50am with no issues.

At 8:30am we were lined up, off and running out on the bayfront path towards Seaport Village. Around the edge of Seaport Village we hit a turn around point, at which point we headed to make our way around the closest Marina Park North. Then we presumed to head back towards the Hilton, and hooked around the second park (Marina Park South). This is one of my usual morning running courses, so it was all very familiar to me.


My only complaint would be that the pathways are small to start with, especially for a race and just running in one direction. But then when you had to come back against the traffic, it made the pathways even slimmer.

Originally I was planning on running around a 7:30 pace, but Andy started off fast and I tried my best to keep up. I ended up staying around a 7 minute pace, sometimes dropping below. And in the last 1/2 mile I really put the hammer down (even passed Andy ;) ) and came in with a PR!

I didn’t really know how I felt going into this race. Actually — I was quite tired and grumpy. But I came out like a champ! The night before London and I might have indulged in a drink or two, and some Jack in the box drive thru…looks like that just might be the fuel for a fast race :-P


After the race we met up with Kate (SoCal Runner Gal) and Nicole (Fitness Fatale) before venturing into the overwhelmingly awesome and generous finisher’s village. We collected an abundant amount of goodies before calling it quits for the race day.



I ended up with a time of 20:59 and got 2nd in my age division, 4th for women, and 19th overall.  

Mile splits recorded by my Garmin:
Mile 1 – 6:53
Mile 2 – 7:04
Mile 3 – 6:48
Last .05 – 0:14



This past week was not one for running. I started off the week with a raspy and sore throat, mixed with no motivation to wake up early and run. Nights were filled with meetings and events, so running was even further out of the question.



Tuesday I took a half day off for Veteran’s Day and swooped London for some breakfast and beach (mainly to photoshoot).



I embarked on my last staycation (moving next weekend!), joining London as she house-sat at her neighbors #SoLavish house. Thursday I had enough willpower to go out alone for a dark and brisk night-run before meeting up with some girls for a home-cooked meal (it’s been a while since I’ve had one of those!). Thanks KENDALL (now you’re blog famous) for the delicious homemade tomato soup and goat cheese grilled cheese!


Friday morning I woke up for a run along the coast and it was so liberating. I can’t wait for more of those to come in the next couple of weeks! Also, that night London and I were supposed to attend the Fit Foodie 5k Light Up The Night VIP event, but the time we headed for downtown, we hit massive amounts of traffic and knew we wouldn’t make it down. Instead, we spent a nice night at the Encinitas Fish Shop, went out of a drink, and then harassed the woman in the Jack in the Box drive through for any recommendations should could add to our order of curly fries, croissant donut, and churros (…yeaaaaa).




Saturday was buzzing with the Fit Foodie 5K (somehow I PR-ed?! — recap to come), Cardiff Crack, photoshoot with Danny, and FINALLY a low-key night of relaxation we both desperately needed. It consisted of eating Blaze pizza by the fireplace and I may or may not have gotten up to imitate Ariana Grande’s back-up dancers on SNL.


Sunday was an even earlier morning running the Celebration Run (thanks Avery and HBD! — another recap to come). I spent the rest of the day buying new home goods, packing supplies, and cleaning up my belongings and getting rid of junk.

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 5 mi
Fri – 4 mi
Sat – Fit Foodie 5K 3.1 mi
Total Weekly Mileage: 12.1 miles
2014 Miles YTD: 1,336 mi


It’s been a race-filled weekend, between the Fit Foodie 5k and the Celebration Run half marathon this morning!  Here’s what my essentials included for both races:


Fit Foodie 5k – Saturday

Fabletics Vaasa Sports Bra
Lululemon run inspire crop ii
Garmin Forerunner 620
Under Armour Fly-By Stretch Mesh Tank
Nike Lunarglide 6


Celebration Run Half Marathon – Sunday

Graced by Grit Delicious Tank (Use code “GBGXOPRO69” for 10% off your purchase)
Gu: Salted Caramel
Quest Bar
Garmin Forerunner 620
Ipod Shuffle
Lululemon crops
Lorna Jane Tarika Bra
Nike Lunarglide 6


This was week was filled with unmentionable coincidences and proof that the world is all too connected. I constantly have to remind myself [and read my horoscope(s)] — everything happens for a reason!

I’m getting back into the swing of things in terms of running, and almost hit all of my runs. The weekdays went well, but by the time Thursday rolled around, I was due for another London staycation.

The fun this week included:

photo 2

Annmarie Showroom Celebration

photo 1

Birthday Party!

L’Auberge Opening Day After Party


Jess’ Housewarming Party

And a full Sunday which I attempted to document in a #photoanhour (more like photo every 2 hour) fashion:


Sambazon Pumpkin Spice Acai Bowls

photo 1

Photoshoot for Annmarie

photo 2
Work/lunch at Cafe Ipe

photo 3

Beachin’ in Ipanema (the OG Brazilian bikini)

photo 4
All about dem chedda biscuits at Solace!

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sun – Rest
Mon – ART + 5 miles
Tues – 6 miles
Wed – 7.5 miles
Thurs – 6.5 miles
Fri – Rest
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 25 miles
2014 Miles YTD: 1323.9 mi

Have a great week!


For a while, I was on the Pinterest hunt for the best banana bread. And I think I just about found it. To me, the best thing in this world, on anything (besides ice cream), is a streusel topping. Pair that with a filling of layered chocolate chips and spiced banana cake, and you have yourself a win (or the best banana bread!).  Bake this in a disposable banana bread mold, wrap in cellophane and tie up with some bakers twine, and this makes the perfect holiday/housewarming/birthday gift!


Banana Bread with Chocolate Chip Streusel
From A Cook At Heart
2/3 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup sugar
1 stick unsalted butter, room temperature
1 large egg
3 very ripe mashed bananas
3 tablespoons milk

  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a 9×5-inch metal loaf pan.
  2. For streusel – stir chocolate chips, brown sugar, and walnuts together in a small bowl. Set aside.
  3. Sift all purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt into medium bowl.
  4. Beat sugar, butter, and egg in large bowl until fluffy. Beat in mashed bananas and milk. Add dry ingredients and blend well.
  5. Spread half of batter in loaf pan. Sprinkle with half of streusel. Repeat with remaining batter and streusel.
  6. Bake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 50 minutes. Cool loaf in pan on rack.



As much as I love running and fitness, I LOVE food.

That’s why Cooking Light & Health’s Fit Foodie 5k Race Weekend might possibly be the best combination, ever. We’re talking about a weekend filled with VIP events, celebrity chefs, 5K race, Finisher’s Village, bootcamp, yoga, and brunch. Held at the San Diego Bayfront November 14-16, it’s going to be the ultimate foodie and fitness weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.32.09 AM

I’ll be running the race and have the opportunity for 2 of you to join me too!  Today I’m giving away two free registrations to the 5K Race and Finisher’s Village.  The 5K race will be held on Saturday, November 15th starting at 8:30am.  See the race course here.  At 9am, the Finisher’s Village will open, where there will be a post-event celebration including refuel stations, celebrity chef demos and tastings, fitness demos at the Power Systems stage, beer and wine tastings, giveaways, and delicious bites from participating restaurants, sponsors, and more!

2 winners will be selected!

Enter to win here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends midnight, November 10th


*You can also use code “DAILYCUP” for 10% off your entry!*


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