I’ve spent a good amount of time this summer complaining about the heat, while simultaneously soaking up sun and submerging myself in water at the beach. And while summer technically “ends” this upcoming weekend, San Diego doesn’t experience seasons, so as a result this activity will continue well into September/October…

However, due to all this sun exposure and water play, my tan has developed but I’ve noticed dry patches of eczema creep up that have created white splotchy sections on my arms. And while I appreciate the tan…sometimes I feel like a spotty banana!! I’ve started using a new product that I wanted to share because I feel like you wouldn’t normally pick up and decide to use for your whole body — SkinFix Hand Repair Cream. But strangely enough, it works. I’ve started to apply it on my arms after every shower, and even within the first few days I started to notice a difference.

My favorite part though is that it’s a natural formula (free of steroids, fragrance, and soy) that uses healing botanicals, rich natural butters and emollient oils to rebuild the skin barrier.  It’s a good investment and addition to the medicine cabinet because I know come fall/winter (when the seasons sort-of change) I’ll be using it for it’s actual “hand repair” use to deal with dry and cracked hands.


Bikini Top  // Bottoms // Skinfix

Tell me: do you have any natural products or regimens to deal with dry skin and/or eczema?



Last week originally started off with zero plans. No dates to be had, no events scheduled. However, true to my style and my need to be surrounded by people at all times, the week kind of turned out like this…

Monday after work I ran a quick 6 miles. I ended up completely drenched in sweat, sitting in my car with all air vents directed towards me on full blast. Changing into some dry clothes, I met up with London to get our nails done before heading over to Kendall’s for a grilled veggie and sausage dinner.

Tuesday night my bf and I kept it active and healthy with yoga followed by this homemade pasta salad salad.  I had a hard time finding penne or rigatoni, so we ended up with fresh tortellini instead.


Wednesday I met up with SoCal Runner Gal for a warm 5 miles (as all running is lately), followed by dinner at East Village Asian Diner, and blog brainstorming over fro-yo.



Thursday Kendall and I fed into our ice cream temptation and drove 13 miles to San Marcos for something I yelped — the “Baltimore Snowball,” basically ice on top of ice cream. London met us afterwards for surfing and another sausage dinner. I helped Kendall pack for her trip to Chicago with a very detailed dressing itinerary 😛

Friday night my bf and I kept it low-key (kind of the Friday I’ve been needing after the past couple of Fridays) and just had dinner at our favorite Thai place, Bangkok Bay, followed by my best attempt to keep my eyes open for any type of movie.


I woke up Saturday feeling completely refreshed and ready for a great day. My dad came into town for the weekend and we spent the day brunching with bottomless Mimosas at Union, bowling for a couple hours, and finished up with dinner at the Encinitas Ale House.

Sunday my dad and I grabbed brunch at Honey’s before he left. Then I met up with London to do a tour de Encinitas eating fest. First, lunch at Fish Shop (mind you I went here for Lunch Friday, and both of London’s bday celebrations the week before). And then the later search for root beer floats turned into a full-on dinner at none other than Union, again.

I’m starting to think I should work on a “best places to eat in Encinitas” post since I tend to frequent the same restaurants over and over and over again.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/23-8/29):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – Yoga Sculpt + Hot Yoga
Wed – 5 mi
Thurs – Yoga Sculpt
Fri – Yoga Sculpt
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 11 mi
Hours cross-training: 4 hours
2015 miles: 969 mi



Brunch is a big thing, and I’m a huge fan!  While going out for brunch can be fun, making your own brunch can be gratifying too…

I’ve run into a couple conversations recently with friends about my last brunch Instagram, and how they thought my boyfriend and I went out to eat. However, I am proud to say…I made this brunch myself! After googling “luxurious ass breakfast” and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, I just decided to take a play on our traditional eggs, bacon and toast for a decadent dish that was definitely filling enough to withstand the 2-meal span brunch represents.

Luxurious A** Breakfast
Makes 2 servings
4 slices of bacon
3 tsp. olive oil, separated
Frozen hashbrowns
Garlic, minced or finely chopped
4 eggs
2 ciabatta rolls
1 hass avocado
1 heirloom tomato, sliced
2 cups arugula
Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. In a cast iron skillet (or other) cook bacon over medium heat.  In the meantime, heat 1 tsp. olive oil over medium heat and add the garlic.  Cook until golden brown.  Add frozen hash browns and cook according to the directions.
  2. Poach eggs. See instructions here.
  3. Slice and toast ciabatta rolls.
  4. Slice avocado and smash 1/4 on each half of the ciabatta (4 halves total)
  5. Slice heirloom tomato into 4 slices.
  6. Toss arugula in 2 tsp. olive oil.
  7. To plate: Top each avocado ciabatta roll with one heirloom tomato slice, and one poached egg.  Divide the bacon, hash browns and arugula evenly and add to plate.

TIP– Add minced or finely chopped garlic to your frozen hash browns to make them taste restaurant quality.

Brunch is one of our favorite meals and with this combo of ingredients, no matter how you prepare it, you can never go wrong!  P.S. feel free to add your own mimosas or iced coffees to accompany this dish 😉


After a very active weekend, my bf and I both took off Monday to recover. This ended up being the best Monday ever! After sleeping in and an obscenely huge breakfast, we felt the need to do something active. So we hopped on our bikes and started our own little triathlon – bike, swim, drink 😛 We started in Cardiff, biked to Stonesteps, hopped in the water, biked to Regal Seagull, grabbed a beer, biked to Pipes, hopped in the water, biked to Lost Abbey, grabbed a beer, and biked home. After a couple hours out and about, we were tanned sunburned, sandy and sweaty. After finishing up breakfast round 2 (leftovers) we went to AMC La Jolla (which is just as luxurious as Cineopolis – lazy boy recliner seats – FYI) to see Straight Outta Compton. It was just the kind of low-key, active yet relaxing day we both needed. Overall, it capped off the weekend that felt like the ultimate summer vacation.



Tuesday it was London’s birthday! Kendall and I took her out (via bikes) to Fish Shop where we ate wayyyy too much food. We ended the night with a variety of drinks (meaning a different one each – blood orange margarita, apple cider mule and cucumber mule) before calling it an early night.

Thursday night I ran with SoCal Runner Gal (we never take pictures together) and learned I am the worst at getting to places on time! We ran a nice 7 miles before I introduced her to the best breakfast burritos (Juanitas – get the bacon, potato, bean and egg breakfast burrito). We attempted to catch my bf’s softball game but we ended up getting there right when they were packing up….oopz.


Friday we spent another night at the races, followed by the Pepper concert, some blasphemous peanut butter wings at Bestawan, and the start of London’s birthday (party) weekend at the Shanty!!!




Saturday it was London’s birthday party!  Filled with braids by Kendall, beaching, outdoor snacking (my fave activity) and turtle riding, it was an eventful day! Happy birthday to one of my best friends :)


Sunday felt like Monday, but thankfully it was still the weekend! A luxurious brunch (a spin on our usual eggs, bacon, hash browns and avo toast) followed by some beach time was just what I needed to round off a great weekend.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/16-8/22):
Sun – Rest
Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – 7.5 mi
Thurs – 7 mi
Fri – 7.5 mi
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 22 mi
2015 miles: 958 mi




There seems to be no slowing down. Monday I hopped on an impromptu sail boat ride with Kendall and her roommates around Shelter Island. From filming our own music videos and being towed behind the boat on tubes, to anchoring near Humphrey’s On The Bay (trying to steal an earful of Chris Isaak) and BBQing on the water, it was a really good time!



Tuesday night I met up with my mom for dinner at Chez Loma and the Sam Smith concert we’ve been planning to attend since February. For being such a depressing and mellow album, he was so dynamic, cute and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and highly recommend seeing him live if you have the opportunity.


Thursday I met up with the girls (London, Kelli, Jess, Avery and Noelle) for the Boho Beach Babe x Culture Brewing Co. event. I spent wayyy too much money, but shopping is always the right thing when it’s supporting a friend 😉





Saturday we were off for another overnight camping trip. This time, for Logan’s birthday! We spent Saturday through Sunday afternoon at San Onofre celebrating, surfing, and beaching it up! It was so much fun and the ultimate “glamping” adventure (see breakfast — aka bacon wrapped sausages and avocado toast).



Sunday quickly went from 0 to 100. From relaxing on the beach to hauling ass to get ready (in a record time of 15 minutes) my boyfriend and I headed down to the Darlington House for Marc and Melissa’s wedding. A beautiful ceremony and fun reception, we had a great time, and I even caught the bouquet 😉 (over a lot of 9 year olds…is that even fair?).  I also realized I am not sophisticated in RSVP-ing to weddings, so my boyfriend was identified as “Ashleigh’s Guest” for the night (ahahah sorry babe!).

Overall, it was a fun, exciting, and busy week. Eventually I’ll get back into running on a more consistent basis, but for now, I’m blaming the weather (too hot), while just trying to stay active in different and adventurous ways.

Weekly Workout Recap (8/9-8/15):
Sun – Hike
Mon – Rest
Tues – Rest
Wed – Yoga Sculpt
Thurs – 7 mi
Fri – 6 mi + Yoga Sculpt
Sat – Rest
Total Weekly Mileage: 13 miles
2015 miles: 936 mi



Cozy Orange is a local company based out of Carlsbad. They create eco-friendly activewear using recycled material that is both fashion forward and functional.  Cozy Orange recently launched their summer 2015 line, filled with lightweight and breathable materials, in fun and bright prints and colors. Here are some of my favorites from their new collection:


Milla sports bra – Usually I’m opposed to padding in sports bras (due to the smaller nature of my chest). However, this padding is very light and minimal, and provides a nice shape, that you can wear with or without a shirt over.


Dahlia tank – this tank is super lightweight and I love the unique “turkish tile” color.


Aquarius Pants – I’ve been wanting a pair of leggings with mesh cut-outs because you can easily dress these up and wear these out during the fall. Just throw on a pair of boots and a sweater and you’re set.

These pieces are trendy, making them very versatile and gym-to-street friendly. But not only do they have unique styles, they’re comfortable too!  Use promo code “dailycupofcozy” for 25% off your order!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, but I received a complimentary outfit for my review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Last week started off with “the best date night” with dinner and the Tame Impala concert. By Thursday I found myself sunset watching, BBQing and playing beach soccer with Kendall and her roommates.



And by Friday the weekend was in full-effect. What was supposed to be a fairly mellow day turned into quite the party with another afternoon BBQ, the races, and catching the tail-end of the Thievery Corporation concert.



However, by late Saturday afternoon, my boyfriend and I headed out of town for a complete retreat. Not knowing EXACTLY where we were going (although we had both done our research, which didn’t amount to too much…I blame the internetz) we found ourselves the most AMAZING camp spot. And sorry, but I will not be telling you or anyone else where exactly this is located 😛



It was so nice to go completely off the grid. With no cell phone reception, our own private swimming holes, and essentially beach camping in the mountains, we felt like we had achieved a real escape. Sunday morning we journeyed to Aztec Falls to check out one of National Geographic’s best swimming holes in the U.S. (also featured at the Red Bull world diving championships).  Luckily, we got here early enough to avoid the crowds that would later turn into the ruckus of a public swimming pool.


These summer weeks have been filled with so much excitement. So much spontaneity. And so much happiness. I could not ask for a better time or better people to spend my time with!

Weekly Workout Recap (8/2-8/8):
Sun – Rest
Mon – 6 mi
Tues – 7 mi
Wed – Rest
Thurs – 7.5 mi
Fri – Rest
Sat – Hike
Total Weekly Mileage: 20.5 mi
2015 miles: 923 mi



Last Tuesday my boyfriend and I had the best date night ever! By far the best week night combo — dinner and a show. We started the night at West Coast Tavern, an urban tavern set in a historic theater that also houses the Observatory North Park.

This was my second time going to a show at the Observatory (see Jungle for previous visit). It’s a cool, old venue that has really good shows for not too much $$. We were excited to be going to Tame Impala, a show that sold out within the first hour couple of minutes of ticket sales!


Since it was a “school night” we kept it safe with a couple of beers. I got the rotating handle, which was the Stone Delicious IPA. We began our dinner with the Charred Bacon Brussels Sprouts—balsamic oil, bacon, chili flakes, shaved parmesan reggiano. The sprouts were perfectly charred and crisp, complimented by bits of bacon (because bacon compliments everything!). You could taste the acidity of the balsamic, which made it seem like there was a hint of citrus. The cheese added a bit of saltiness and rounded out the dish nicely.


Keeping it southern, we went for the Pork Belly and Waffles and Shrimp and Grits. The Pork Belly and Waffles—bourbon smoked syrup, garlic butter, bacon— seriously made me smile ear to ear. The pork belly was so soft, rich and buttery, the combo on the waffle literally sent good feelings everywhere.

The Shrimp and Grits — sautéed shrimp, jalapeño, red onion, chorizo soft grits, cilantro, lime — had a bit of spice and a little kick with the incorporation of chorizo in the grits. However, the shrimp were plump and large, and cut down some of the spiciness.


Tame Impala is an alternative, psychedelic-pop band from Australia.  The show started at 10pm and lasted a good hour and a half.  It was nice to see them at a local venue because it was one of the bands we wish we could’ve gone to Outside Lands to see.  Overall, if you’ve looking for the perfect date night, I highly recommend dinner at West Coast Tavern followed by a show at the Observatory North Park!  You can check out the full schedule and line-up here.


West Coast Tavern / Observatory North Park
2895/2891 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104


Thanks to West Coast Tavern and Observatory North Park for hosting us!


Last Thursday London, Kendall and I had the pleasure of dining at Shima in Coronado. Shima is a new(er) Japanese Steakhouse located in Coronado, offering both a normal dining room as well as a hibachi option where food is prepared in front of guests. Going in with quite an appetite, this was the perfect place for a fun and filling dinner experience.


The three of us joined another family around the Teppanyaki grill. We sat down and each each ordered a Kirin and shared a dish of garlic edamame. The soybeans were plump and flavorful — a good little appetizer as we waited for our chef to come.


London, Kendall and I all ordered off the hibachi menu, and each of our entrees included onion soup, house salad, rice (we got chicken fried rice), and shrimp appetizer. The house salad was unique because it came with finely shredded carrots, cucumber, red cabbage and watermelon radishes. It was served with a house ginger dressing that made everything taste very crisp, fresh and refreshing.


The grill items then came with grilled onions, zucchini and bok choy, and protein (depending on your menu selection), served with a side of ginger and mustard sauce for dipping. I ordered the “Surf & Turf” — Grilled New York strip loin and tiger shrimp with grilled onions. The shrimp were massive and the steak (cooked to medium) was tender and juicy.




We all agreed that the best part of the experience was how entertaining and interactive the chef was. From making complimentary “egg rolls” (making the egg roll down a spatula), to tossing bowls into the air and making a volcano of fire within a tower of raw onions, we all had a good time.

To finish the night off we were offered a scoop of ice cream (we opted for vanilla and green tea). Our advice: it’s a good idea to come hungry!

Shima Japanese Steakhouse
126 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118


Thanks to Shima for hosting us!


After weekends of celebrating Julie’s impending last days in San Diego, Kendall and I made a spontaneous decision Thursday night to join her the next day on her trek to become a Utahn.

What originally was going to be a one woman mission from SD directly to SLC turned into a weekend of adventures, deep belly laughs and just pure ridiculousness.


FullSizeRender 2


Leaving early afternoon on Friday, we drove 7 hours to make it to our first pit stop — Vegas for the night. It’s funny, I hadn’t planned on going to Vegas anytime soon (the last time being my 23rd birthday), but here I was. We suited up for the night and headed to XS where Skrillex was DJ-ing.


After many hours of dancing and little sleep, we caught a few z’s before hopping in the pool for a refresher, and then hitting to the road.


After 2.5 hours in the car, we made it to our next pit stop, Zion National Park, but not before getting lured into a trailer off the side of the road advertising Jerky (and etc.)….



We finally made it Zion, drove through some, walked around a bit, and hit the road. We all wished we would’ve known how amazing it was so we could have gotten there a little earlier and not been on such a time crunch.

From here it was about 4 more hours until we reached our final destination. We finally got to SLC around 11:30pm, toured the house before having a large slumber party on the floor.




Sunday we spent the day lazying around until we headed out to downtown Salt Lake for some avocado toast from The Rose Establishment, a hoppy beer from Squatter’s and finally some sushi burritos for the road from Sushi Burritos on 8th. Ken and I departed the airport at 8:20 with a stop in Phoenix before we finally arrived back in San Diego right before midnight.


Breaking the trip into smaller segments made the time on the road seem a little less daunting. It gave us little destinations along the way and made for a great weekend. Plus I hope it made the transition a little bit easier from SD to Salt Lake City for Julie!



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